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  1. The shelter can be used in any game from the Combat Mission family. The height of the house floors in all games in the series is 2.6-2.7 m. The transition from the surface to the balcony of the second floor (or Vice versa) is unpredictable for a user. It may or may not happen. For some reason, the developers did not make the height of the floors of modular houses at least up to 3 m. And now very comically looks "Marder" looking in the window of the second floor. It has almost no tactical significance, but it hurts the eye.
  2. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jsyvjr9olqey98j/AACoHap3J-kfiITIg-mqjCbVa?dl=0 It should be easier to download here. In the first scenario, several times we went through the balcony directly to the second floor. If you download the same version of the Blender as the Aquila video, the plugin works without problems
  3. Scenario https://yadi.sk/d/klCfA7bDzCP2DA My converted shelter https://yadi.sk/d/46LhtTVCBHuFKg
  4. It was made not by me, but by Aquila-SmartWargames. His posts have links to his mods. I only changed it a little
  5. Units in the basement can see one floor up and can fire. I checked it three times. But for some reason, not all of them. The reason why the platoon commander can't fire and watch is not clear to me
  6. From the very beginning (2009), I was" hurt " by the unnatural height of the building's floor set in the game. As it turned out, the height of the floor (from the floor of the first floor to the floor of the second floor) is approximately 2.6 meters. Which may be the norm for a hut, but not for urban homes, let alone European homes. When you see "Marder" A5, "looking" with its gun on the second floor of an 8-storey building, you feel a little strange. If you increase the height of the floor to at least 3 meters, it would look more real. It would also be easier to use the Aquila-SmartWargames mod (fit into the terrain). As for using the BF of this mod, I agree that they won't do it. The mod has one obstacle - the inability to see and fire between floors separated by a shelter. In the video, this moment is clearly visible. I couldn't assign shooting on the floor from the "basement". I don't know how to solve this problem.
  7. The Russians did it two years ago. But it is unlikely to take root in the game, since time is not limited.
  8. Thank you very much! There are sketches of plans in the collection. It's Yours or just for a collection collected. I am interested in the experience of players using graphic editors. How do they draw plans for combat and AAR, what programs do they use?
  9. Yes, I'm interested. I'll wait for instructions.
  10. I can arrange translations into Russian and German
  11. I can do the translation. For CM I already made it. What file to look for?
  12. To change the language to your need to be a programmer? Or can be as in CM? Translate some specific file
  13. You don't have to turn anything off. I just think the overall archive of the game is very deep. Two of my friends installed the program today and are very happy. And I'll get used to it. Calmly work on improvement. (Chat and sound alert would like to see) Love the notes. You can write the password, or the opening of the artillery fire. Or the control points of the plan
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