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  1. Thank you very much! There are sketches of plans in the collection. It's Yours or just for a collection collected. I am interested in the experience of players using graphic editors. How do they draw plans for combat and AAR, what programs do they use?
  2. Yes, I'm interested. I'll wait for instructions.
  3. I can arrange translations into Russian and German
  4. I can do the translation. For CM I already made it. What file to look for?
  5. To change the language to your need to be a programmer? Or can be as in CM? Translate some specific file
  6. You don't have to turn anything off. I just think the overall archive of the game is very deep. Two of my friends installed the program today and are very happy. And I'll get used to it. Calmly work on improvement. (Chat and sound alert would like to see) Love the notes. You can write the password, or the opening of the artillery fire. Or the control points of the plan
  7. Here's to find a graphical editor similar to MILSketch? Only with smooth lines. Or some other graphic editor where you can draw beautiful smooth arrows, here's how here
  8. And in General all works. It's just a little quibble. Are you planning a sound alert with a file of your player's choice like in CMH?
  9. And how to make it convenient. Everyone turns when upgrading assembles properly, then the folder for the backups are correct. And under General archiving hides so deeply. And I still do not understand: If all the folders in the refresh is only one file turns, it is not clear where to get the files for the archive, if you do not include a check mark on the General tab?
  10. What do I need to do to make archiving work correctly?
  11. I found the archive. In a very strange place. Video -
  12. Why do refresh delete turns files? Or something I have configured incorrectly? How to collect in this case all the turns of the game? Video -
  13. After archiving, you get an empty archive and all folders are empty. Where do I get all my turns files? Video -
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