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  1. T-72B3 obr.2016 production ≈ 150 per year. 68th Tank Regiment 150th Motorized Rifle Division. 5th Tank Brigade. 1st Tank Regiment 2nd Motorized Rifle Division. 6th Tank Brigade. T-72B3M ≈ 20 in 2nd Motorized Rifle Division. T-80BVM* 10 (2017) 61st Naval Infantry Brigade. *Tanks for Naval Infantry don't have additional side armor. Contracts for T-80BVM/T-90M: T-80BVM 62 (2018-2019). T-90M ≈ 60 (2018-2019).
  2. 32 in 2016 and 154 in 2017.
  3. Начальная (максимальная) цена контракта 13 175 178 880,15 13 billion rub worth per this contract. Сроки поставки товара или завершения работы либо график оказания услуг - до 25 ноября 2016 года; - до 25 ноября 2017 года. Delivery time for this contracts - 25 November 2016 and 25 November 2017. There is only one company producing Izdelie 170-1(КТРВ) and "call for companies to submit proposals"(ended by 28.09.2015 10:00) just a part of bureaucratic procedure.
  4. Except it wasn't - The Russian Defense Budget and You. Izdelie 170/R-77/RVV-AE* (1994) and Izdelie 170-1/R-77-1/RVV-SD (2013) is two different things. *Not in VVS service. Dzemgi Air Base and new contracts disagree with you.
  5. Visual differences between T-64, T-72 and T-80 series of tanks.
  6. “The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.” 42nd MRD is formed from 8th, 17th and 18th Motor Rifle Brigades and use T-72B3. "На полигоне Гвардеец экипажи танков Т-72Б3" TV Zvezda use “stock footage” to illustrate exercises when they don't have a correct one from this unit. In this case they used 4rd TD (only unit with T-80U) and 2nd MRD (T-90A).
  7. French actually. Locally produced Thales Catherine FC/XP Thermal Imager on T-90A/MS/T-72B3 obr. 2012/2016. T-72B3 obr.2012: http://uploads.ru/K5p3V.jpg http://uploads.ru/maEsO.jpg Статистические данные по безвозвратным потерям танков и их членов экипажей танковых частей 5 танкового корпуса в Двинской операции (18-28.07.1944)/Statistical data on irrecoverable losses of tanks and crews in tank units of 5th Tank Corps during Dvina (Rēzekne-Dvina) operation. This was successful offensive operation. Most of the losses a from 7.5 and 8.8 cm guns. 3rd Tank Battalion, 6th Tank Regiment, 90th Tank Division. 22 tanks have penetrating hits from RPG/ATGM/Tank and AT-guns fire: 5 total loss T-80B №198, T-80BV №174, 186, 193, 195. 11 abandoned T-80BV №172, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 183, 185, 189, 191, 197. 5 withdraw under their own power T-80B №188, T-80BV №170, 187, 190, 199. +1 abandoned T-72 taken by T-80BV №180 crew. 6 crewmembers died in tanks. Sources (Russian):1,2.
  8. Myth. 5th Tank Corps losses 18-28.07.1944. T-34 - 28/T-34-85 - 89. Crew casualties ≈1.3 KIA per tank. M3c (M3 Lee) - 13. Crew casualties ≈2.5-3 KIA per tank. IS-2 - 11. Crew casualties 1 KIA per tank. Another example: For T-64/72/80/90 numbers around the same (1 KIA per tank). In Grozny 30 tanks lost, crew casualties 31 KIA.
  9. KM-15 "Malakhit" (development completed in 2005) is part of Krasnopol/Gran/Kitolov Guided Weapon Systems. LTsD-3 Atoll/1D26 (accepted into service in 2004) has only night sight but LTsD-3M/1D26M, LTsD-3M1 and LTsD-4(-1/2/3) Vizir/1D29 have thermal sights (LTsD-2M, LTsD-3M, LTsD-4, LTsD-4-1, LTsD-4-2, LTsD-4-3, KDU-1 and 9V9003 accepted into service in november 2010).
  10. 2012 - 120 шт.2013 - 270 шт.2014 - 294 шт.2015 ≈ 300 шт.
  11. 3БМ-60 «Svinec-2» in production since 2013.
  12. "У" - Управляемый/Guided (GLATGM).
  13. Turret roof near the gunner's hatch. Because ukrainian soldier who made this photo said so. And this is not that many options: 82mm - probably don't have enough force to deform the turret roof. 120mm 2B16/2S9 wasn't used in this area at that time. 122/152mm - will have different angle of impact. So 2B11 120mm mortar with 3ОФ34(3,43 kg HE)/3ОФ36(3,16 kg HE) or 53-ОФ-843Б(1,4 kg HE) is most likely candidate. AFAIK there was none "post-impact fire/crew demolition/other weapons". Crew rest nearby when tank was hit, they drive it to the rear but turret was "total loss".
  14. This article is dated 07.09.2013 Deputy commander of the 4th Guards "Kantemirovskaya" Tank Division (22.09.2014):
  15. It seems T-72B3M will have additional armor kit.
  16. 2nd Guards Motor Rifle 'Tamanskaya' Division used T-90A. 4th Guards "Kantemirovskaya" Tank Division already receiving T-80UE-1. Source of this information is chief of GABTU - Main Directorate of Armoured Forces.
  17. militarysta - Pole. And ERA placement on this photos don't change because they posted on "wrong" forum.
  18. Same for T-64BM: You probably mean 4S24 "Kaktus".
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