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  1. Army cleaning up for Marine Corps again!  Doing some final adjustments on Anti-landing Actions for you.  Hope your overall experience with Threattec is going well!

    1. Imperial Grunt

      Imperial Grunt

      LOL. Well, somebody has to pick up all that brass laying on the ground after the battle!

      And yeah, my PPT skills fairly blow. I freely admit. Thank you for the final adjustments, hopefuly they are not major dope changes!


  2. Actual true capacity of Bradley in extreme situation = one more. Same answer as 'how many Afghans can you fit in that Bongo van?'
  3. For all those feeling sorry for Bil, please rest assured he is taking out all the angst he worked up here in the game he is playing against me.
  4. Bil, I figured you would regret not buying any artillery. Now I know I was right. Hell, it would have at least covered your withdrawal. Barring that, if you run far enough, fast enough, that JT will run out of gas before you do!
  5. Folks, Stephen was a good friend and helped bring me into the CM crowd. Though he lived half a world away, we chatted often and shared quite a bit. I miss him. The following piece is from his family: Stephen Hilla (deceased) With a lifetime background in Business and Security – Stephens other interests included working with bands, grid iron, computers, aviation, military history and tactics – Stephen could be a formidable opponent in many tactical strategy games whether they were played on a board or a computer and he was always ready to be a part of any interesting discussion, tale or story. He was recently awarded the credit of being a beta tester and scenario designer for the BattleFront - Combat Mission - Black Sea series… Unfortunately, Stephen has recently left us far earlier than expected in his early 50’s after a sudden heart attack. Stephens lady partner and family would like to thank all those who Stephen interacted with as he called you all his friends and you enriched his world while he moved across the various military, gaming, general interest, forums and sites that he was so active on. Thank you on behalf of us all.
  6. Bil - My primary comment is echoed above by Bulletpoint - this type of system could be effectively hard-coded into the game (with significant effort no doubt) to create a realism level above those currently offered. As such, I view it as an 'alpha' build that could form the basis for an add-on system, but until/unless you/we convince Steve and Co. to pursue it, I doubt it will gain much traction. In assessing its marketability, it would make a substantial upgrade for tactical grognards, but might only appeal to them - I don't have a marketing assessment of the overall audience, so cannot say whether you could argue for its development from a profitability standpoint. Without coded-in development, I doubt many will do much more than tinker with it briefly, despite the effort and thought you are applying. One thing that such a system might allow would be expanding the actions of the TAC AI somewhat. For example, adding in movement to cover as an automatic reaction to enemy fire independent of any player input, with direction of movement based upon current task. Perhaps even with an 'auto-split' for squads taken under fire, half returning fire and half bounding to cover. Player takes over control again once unit completes immediate action. Actual reaction (run for cover, ground in place, return fire, bound to cover w/or w/o covering fire) could depend upon unit type, morale, training, etc... Would automate some of your system as TAC AI actions, and place other aspects under player control. Highlights one glaring issue to me in CM C3 rules and that is prevalence of sound powered phones on WWII battlefield. Could easily be simulated under your system by designating locations that HQ units start scenario in on defense as having phone hookups - anyone who goes there for a turn is 'in C3' like radio comms. Would also note that when we look at CMRT it highlights the need to apply your settings based on nationality as well as other factors. Russian doctrine obviously/famously allowed for infinitely less initiative than other nations. German and US were not identical either, though more similar. Just initial thoughts - I'll keep percolating.
  7. I will put a note in the developer's 'to do' box to address this problem. Quite likely that ENG generated 'damage' from blast is not recognized as 'damage/destruction' for VPs. No guarantee, but possible it gets addressed in a patch. Suspect you've found an issue common across CM, but won't know w/o further test.
  8. If there are any on the forum from this storied outfit, please shoot me a PM. IG invited me and other Betas to help develop a post-release campaign to highlight your unit, and would appreciate any first-hand experience and insight. Not an invite to participate in development (yet), but would like to at least open dialogue. No, lotsa love for you All American folks, but this is specifically a request to make contact with the Vicenza crowd. PM me and/or Imperial Grunt. Thanks. To all non-173d types, expect a new campaign on the repository as fast as we can get it done. Hopefully this post-release beta-developed content will enhance your pleasure with the game! IG / Pnzr
  9. Beaten? What is that? Oh, you mean like when you play UKR BMP-2s against Bil's BMP-3s and T90s! Oh, no I haven't seen any of that against the AI!
  10. H2H or otherwise, I move INF over long distances using a jog/walk or 'quick'/'move' combination. Trick is picking the correct distances. Move paths look like candy stripes, but it gets them there fairly rapidly, frequently without being below 'ready' upon arrival. Not sure if this is my real world preference bleeding over into the game or not, but it seems to work.
  11. Nah, just found out it didn't make the release. I am working w/ Bil to modify each side a tad. Then have to cut up the AI somewhat. Map is the same. Probably take a little bit though. Will keep you posted.
  12. Whereas I tried to suppress them w/ 30mm fire and burned through a good 150 rounds to get the job done. Mortars would have been a much better solution!
  13. *** Spoilers *** Didn't get to this during Beta, but just played it through as RUS and liked it a lot. Restarted after misunderstanding a note in the briefing so I had a little intel, but played honest otherwise. My only gripe is that I strongly dislike small maps that have usable/critical terrain right on the boundary. The road on the left (from RUS perspective) is a critical avenue of approach, but the attacking Russian player has no concern for his security to the left side of it as that is all off map! Introduces an artificiality that is just never there in real life, esp. in urban combat where 360 security is a constant issue. Other than that, the AI plan was obviously very well thought out, the forces were fairly well balanced, and I got ground up pretty good before winning. Key to victory was direct-fire 30mm support from the BTRs. Their autocannon is so bloody destructive it hurts. In one instance I meant to target/briefly, but screwed up and used target, when suppressing a small UKR element. Wound up dropping the whole top floor of the building, a vantage point I had actually wanted to use! **spoiler** I was also lucky in that I anticipated the sniper team in the church and guessed right on the floor they were on. They got a face full of 30mm from my setup zone before ever firing a shot. Never did get the mortar mission into play, which is silly as I could really have used the smoke, but was fixated on just the limited HE ammo and trying to conserve until needed. I used a LOT of the BTR and INF laid smoke. Critical factor. Wound up killing the tank from behind with a BTR's 30mm, after running out of ATGMs and missing several times with RPGs. It had counterattacked (painfully) to a point overwatching the bridge, but then lost morale and tried to run away, right past a BTR I had maneuvered around the whole back side of the map. Overall a fun game, good small fairly fast scenario, that rewards good reconnaissance and methodical urban combat techniques.
  14. Hey, FWIW and obvious major spoilers, but Krause is doing playthrough video of this scenario on the stickied thread at top of the forum. I am heckling lightly, since he tried to label me as 'old.' His pre-mission rundown (all that he has hung so far) is fairly good, with a few miscues. One thing I forgot to mention - management of your individual rounds of AT ordnance can also be key. You will likely get attrited some, and if you play the 'hard' version, you really don't have much to go around. Knowing where it all is and doling it out only as needed can be key.
  15. Krause. Just started the vid, and thanks for the kudos, but hoping I disappoint you as far as predicatability. There really wasn't much to the AI plan. If you want me to go full on Russian AGMB some time, I'll build one. Good website, btw. You sure did set up to burn through a lot of your indirect ammo in preparatory fires. Remember, that is your PRIMARY killing agent in this game! You do get another section of Paladins, but be conservative and leave something for later. Remember, no reason your UAS cannot do some of the observing on the NAIs for you. You don't necessarily have to get physical eyes on. And do make sure you take out the overwhelming majority of the IADS before committing your CAS or ATK. Oh, and I was NOT in the Gulf War (whipper-snapper must think I'm OLD!) - was at Armor Officer Basic when it went down, with my name on the "I volunteer, please send me now..." list. Obviously over by the time I got done. All my interesting time has been in IZ and AFG. "Hardcore 6, this is Power 6, identify enemy main body serials and pass to X-ray for targeting, break." "Keep your scouts alive, carefully manage your anti-armor ordnance, and don't shoot dirt with my artillery! Good luck, out."
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