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  1. Still no schwimmwagen. (That I never wanted or needed to be amphibious in the game. Just easy to make, converse the textures on a Kubel, eyecandy.) Looks like Battlefront really hates the schwimmwagen. Pity..
  2. Rarity, perhaps? Less available assets are more expensive, I think.
  3. With years of - waiting in vain- experience I used to believe that Battlefront would eventually give us the new CMFI bones "when hell freezes over", but with that climate warming- thingy even that won't do no more.. I'm 56, and still hope the new module will arrive before I'm a pensioner. Just another 12 years...
  5. Boy oh boy oh boy, does this picture bring back memories.. CM1 must have been one of the nicest games I ever played. (The "Vietcong" games and "Spearhead" are also in my top three.) And to be honest? It most probably has given me way more fun and excitement than CMBN/CW/MG/BS together. Not because those games don't satisfy me, no. But because way back then CM1 was a mind blowing experience. Unique. Amazing. Nothing like I'd ever seen. I'm desperately waiting for Victory to Rome, which I suspect is very near the release date, and I really hope the campaigns are as playable as the scenarios in Cm1. With or without fire..
  6. Never any trouble with download deliveries and never any trouble with Paypal on Combat Mission payments. I live in The Netherlands.
  7. There's a very stubborn part in me that keeps on thinking that it should be possible to get a win without too many casualties. And I keep on getting frustrated when I lose men or machines. Which unavoidable results in anger and very bad tactical choises with more casualties. It is imperative that you realize that the outcome of war/combat is usually more of a numbers game than anything else. You can be a Combat Mission Manstein, but still have to accept that there will be slaughterhouse massacers. The gruesome reality dictates that " the last man standing" is the victor. In order to achieve local numerical superiority in " Breaking the bank" I transferred all the troops from the right side of the map to the left. That made the difference between being butchered, and being butchered but still having men enough to conquer the left side of the map. Maybe this will work for you. Recently a collegue that I hadn't met for sometime asked me where my hair had gone. Well, I've been playing Combat Mission since the first release and I cannot count the times I pulled my own hair out from the unbearable frustrations that playing Combat Mission ( try the Market Garden module to really get my point) gave to me. But.. if you get an unexpected hard fought win, or you plan a brilliant move that turns out as you planned, if you succeed in killing a lot of enemies through good tactics, then Combat Mission is the best game you'll ever play.
  8. With Putin possibly poisoning every opponent abroad there's in my mind, a growing chance of some kind of armoured conflict between him and the US/Europe. That makes me wonder.. After the second world war there's been some what of a consensus on the fact that more, relatively cheap, Allied tanks (Shermans mostly) did gain superiority over the relatively small number of better quality tanks of the Germans. If history repeats itself, would that mean that a whole lot of Russian modern tanks (T-90, Armata) beat the probably technically better , but less produced, US/Europe tanks?
  9. Ehm, nope. But a week or two ago I bought myself a smartphone. Expected an all important phone call, was very alert, but when the smartphone finally rang I couldn't connect! I did not realise that I had to swipe the green picture of the receiver!
  10. Eeehm. After numerous attempts and a PC restart It seems to work now! Cannot understand why, but well, I'm over fifty-five so that might be the trouble.. But I would like a more simple activation process. (After a Schwimmwagen, that is.)
  11. Hello everybody, After a few years of absence I tried to play again. Bought the upgrade 4.0 and everything went the way it should be. I thought.. When I start Black Sea I can see the starting screen with v.200 and game engine 4 noted in the righthand corner. But I can't play because the LICENSE ERROR screen tells me that I need version 4 and I should enter the license key in the "new products utility". Did that, and get a "UNLOCK SUCCES" message. But when I start the game I get the same License error message. Couldn't find a solution in the helpdesk area, so is there somebody that can help me? Please?
  12. From uncanny good Dutch WW2 site www.strijdbewijs.nl this load-out scheme of first wave OMAHA landing craft. More then 35 years interested in WW2, but I never knew how those landing craft were loaded, until I saw this. Take a look at this: http://www.strijdbewijs.nl/omaha/lcvp.htm Some parts of this site are translated in English, but I'm not sure if this page all ready is. If anyone wants the translation from Dutch, I'll be happy to oblige.
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