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  1. 4 pages and not a single word on what these mods actually do? I tried searching but came up empty.
  2. I wish the campaigns were sorted according to their difficulty. I wonder how many beginners tried Courage and fortitude as their first campaign and then quit after thinking the game is broken. Usually only a very small percentage ever sets foot on the forums and actually asks for help like this.
  3. I tried both with and without the old skinpack, and it fits good enough for me at least, and probably good enough for the guy missing his camo skin as well. I totally understand the creator wanting his creation to be absolutely perfect however. Also you have absolutely nothing to be sorry about, so stop saying it. Thanks for this great mod.
  4. I'm still using my rusty metal skinpack for v3 and it seems to work just fine with v4 so I don't see why the camo version shouldn't work. Or is there something I'm missing here?
  5. Fund a mental institution today! (see what I did there?) Back to OT again: If you're in need of lessons in tactics I can highly recommend watching the entirety of this video series here: I can also recommend reading up on the tactical toolbox on Bil Hardenberger's excellent website. It can be found here. Since the game is designed to represent real warfare as close as possible, real tactics apply. Just get over that initial hump and you'll have a game that rewards you in spades for the time you put into learning it. Cheers!
  6. Also remember that you can make the game both look and sound a LOT better by modding it. Most of us have a mod folder of a couple of gigs. Welcome to Combat Mission. Hope you'll enjoy your stay.
  7. Is there a reason for Aris StuH mid not working properly? Early works fine, but mid only gets its chassis modded. The skirts are the default clean ones that look nothing like in the modded skirts bmp file.
  8. Makes sense since I don't own the MG module. Would be nice to have this issue looked at by the devs.
  9. My sound mod of choice. Awesome job mate.
  10. Simply brilliant, as expected from you. Looking forward to release!
  11. Sometimes getting to the objective zone first isn't what you want, a.k.a ongoing 120mm mortar barrage.
  12. I'm playing on PC. The install is a completely fresh 3.11 that I downloaded yesterday after buying the 3.0 upgrade.
  13. Yes it has nothing to do with Juju's tweaked UI or any other mods. That was just a coincidence that I tried removing that while also not using mixed force, so I edited my post. After further testing it seems to have something to do with the combination of using mixed and letting the AI pick their forces. If picking their forces for them manually it seems to work just fine, but setting pick on auto or setting it to human and then using the AI suggestion will crash it every time. The instant the suggestion button is pressed the game crashes.
  14. I have the same issue. If I choose infantry only for both sides it works just fine. Choosing mix will crash it every time.
  15. Afaik if you both have the same version (2.12 being the newest) you can play your friends. You just can't use the forces that come with the CW and MG modules.
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