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  1. 4 pages and not a single word on what these mods actually do? I tried searching but came up empty.
  2. Is there a reason for Aris StuH mid not working properly? Early works fine, but mid only gets its chassis modded. The skirts are the default clean ones that look nothing like in the modded skirts bmp file.
  3. Sometimes getting to the objective zone first isn't what you want, a.k.a ongoing 120mm mortar barrage.
  4. How do you guys take your screenshots? Print screen key used to work for me but doesn't anymore. It just gives me a black screen when I paste it in my photo editor.
  5. Fuser for president! Being a swede I especially like that bofors gun. I need to loosen up some funds and get MG asap.
  6. Is it just me who can't see any of the screenshots from post #368 and forward?
  7. Oh come on. You can't spot the blueberry patch in the background?
  8. You sure have been cranking out those mods at a rapid pace lately. Just don't forget to take breaks and don't overwork yourself because of peoples expectations. You're an integral part of the modding community, would hate to see you get burned out.
  9. Looks great, the unmodded cannon really stands out and makes one appreciate your work even more.
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