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  1. COngratulation! I have almost all of your games and still remember the CMBO DEMO where my CM journey started. Thank you.
  2. I always split scouts from my troops and send them to check if chosen path is secure. Try this scenario again, because Bradley position is randomized. So next time you can be more lucky.
  3. I know this one and like it very much! I tried several times. My most successful way is through orchard. I went through orchard slowly to small houses at the crossroads and bridge - lets say diagonal way from middle of orchard. From small houses I could observe the village and spot Bradley. Then I used one BTR to move there in their footprints and used smoke to hide the vision for US troops. Fast move on the other side of stream with all my other troops and tanks. I was hidden in this valley and safe. I spread troops and vehicles evenly from very left to the right where small houses are. Then I just send my troops all of them in one big line and they advanced slowly forward. Some troops advance, some overwatch. When we came to the fence, fire started. Troops spotted foxholes and I throw smoke there to hide enemy vision and just decimated rest of troops who try to fire at us. When you are too close your infantry will identify positions of enemy and also bring them under fire. You are then free to send to use BTR autocannons. I always smoke to cover our advance. When you get to next houses you can see troops other side of valley and concentrate fire on them. Good way is to push through left side to get higher ground. What was very important is to find they Bradley at the beginning. I killed Bradley with tank, but one time also with RPG. Breadley death - no Javelin can stop you, you are too close. At very first time I tried the highway but was decimated. But if you combine speed with smoke you can get you tank fast to small forest and the other side of map. From behind with shoot and scoot you can direct fire on identified foxholes just to be sure and open way for infantry from orchard. But the timing of smoke is difficult to do correctly. Javs need something like 15 second to lock so it can be done, but its really hard. Just my way of winning it. Good luck!
  4. Hello, I know it was written somewhere, but cannot find it when needed. How to change map from CMRT to CMBS please? Thank you.
  5. NIce mod, but its Chernarussian or Chernorussian? Because on the patch is written Černaruské ozbrojené síly (by the way its Czech) so it should be Chernarussian.
  6. What I have tested is, positioning your mortar units either 82 mm or 120 mm close to vehicle with Satellite (Vehicle-mounted station) - Constellation for Russian side - I use BTR82A. Then in theory mortar crew has access to these data and are little bit quicker and more precise. Icon is showing in their panel. But I expected more from this - lets say quicker response then just radios.
  7. So Battlefront, do some addon or vehicle pack or putYourName product, but do something! So far we have CMSF2 now and nothing else happens. Still waiting for the patches.
  8. How to do building trick discovered by @RockinHarry??? I am for sure missing this!
  9. I am glad to be first I have all CM games, so I know how editor works and where is the clock. I have many excel sheets for my missions, but I simply dislike it. It will be enough when in scenario author mode the clock will go same way how the plan is build. With 16 group plans and timing for them excel sheet is lost very quickly. But if there is no such mod out there... I can live with it...
  10. Is it possible to reverse the clock countdown? In editor i do my plan from 00:00 to the end. But mission time goes from end to zero. Makes me crazy to remember what should happen when in reverse. Some mod for it maybe? Thanx in andvance.
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