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  1. Didn't think about AI. Gun elevation would really hamper it's performance. With two player games it would be addittional micromanagement - it would probably have to take into account vehicle inclination so people would be looking for small slopes. Maybe it could be an option you could turn on and off... But probably it is just too little effect and too much complication to do it just for 2 player games.
  2. Simulating realistic gun elevation and depression would be a great addition to the game. It would create some new tactical challenges and would further differentiate vehicle performance in cities and hills. It would also improve infantry chances against armour in cities. I think gun elevation was an advantage of BMP-2 over BMP-1 in Afghanistan. Also T-55 have limited vertical gun movement due to small height (no room inside for the gun to move). It was exploited by Israelis in Golan Heights during Yom Kippur. Maybe the next iteration of game engine could support it.
  3. It is the first time I have seen South front and this clip so I got pretty excited about the content. Thats why I posted it again - I couldn't believe no one else is. Maybe it is just old news.
  4. Hi I've found an interesting movie about syria tank modifications. Posted it in Syrians thread but it seems no one there is interested. Maybe it wasn't the best place for it. Probably out of scope of CMSF2 but still interesting to see. Such vehicles could be useful in red on red scenarios.
  5. I don't know if it was already posted here but there are some interesting syrian tank modifications. Slat cage extravaganza! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BOqiliXt4w
  6. It would be also good to acquire 7.62 ammo from vehicles in smaller ammounts for sniper teams. If I remember well the smallest amount is 500 rounds. Too much for one sniper.
  7. theFightingSeabee I fully agree. Numbers instead of bars would help a lot, especially when playing with uncons. They get really few ammo, and I never know how long will it last. Numbers would make things easier. Acquire should be a targetted order. You would choose acquire, target a vehicle or a squad, and get two windows instead of one. Each window should show each squad's inventory, so you could hand over items or leave them. Another addition could be take standard/full load buttons. They would make things faster if you dont really care what exactly the team takes. Sometimes it would be helpful if you could take ammo in smaller numbers. I had situations when marine two man platoon command had to take a 1000 rounds, becouse it was impossible to take less due to large amount of ammo inside vehicle. One question. Why there are no hand grenades on transport vehicles? Is it army/marine procedure not to have some extra hand grenades on vehicles? Regards, Tomek
  8. I don't know if it has been suggested (probably yes), but is it possible to make a trench unit, which infantry would enter like a transport vehicle? It could be made very hard to spot (harder than infantry in the open) and it would give some protection. Enemy would have to spot it. It could be more complicated to model long trenches, but one squad fighting positions can be created easily just like bunkers in CMSF now, just very flat and hard to spot. edit: just read some more of this topic, sorry for writing sth that was already mentioned
  9. Well about that training - it should be covered with experience setting on each unit. According to what was written in some other topic earlier the same experience setting on two different units should give them the same abilities. A uncon soldier and recon marine with regular experience should be equally effective in combat (considering of course different weapons). Greater abilities of US troops are not coded but represented by the experience manually set by the scenario designer. The same should apply to vehicle crews. Unless there is some technical difference that results in greater firing time for BMP, there should be no difference for two crews with the same experience in similar situation. Sitting in a Bradley doesn't make the crew automaticly superior to BMP crew. I'm no wxpert on combat vehicles, but only logical explenation would be technical differences between thiese vehicles.
  10. and maybe also team member list with names and kills for each soldier. We know all of them already have names, and we all want kill tracking, why not go a step further. Sometimes I miss exact ammo count, especially with uncons - they have only a few bars of ammo, and I don't know how fast will it run out. Is it like 100 rounds for each man or rather one clip only. Do the bars represent average amount of ammo, or squad total? Thiese things are already in the game, they just happen "under the hood". It would just be more info for the player on his troops. Maybe not the most important thing in large battles, but pretty useful in small ones, especially that we can grab more ammo from vehicles.
  11. Apparently the rest of the game also got broken - this is one of the scenarios not using the marines module: Those things didn't happen until I installed the Marines module.
  12. US Marine Force doesn't show up in quick battles My CMSF copy is paradox version by Polish distributor Cenega. They have changed something in the game becoude paradox patches didn't fit. I had to wait for Cenega to release their version of patch. It usually took them about a month.
  13. I got the same problem with another mission: USMC The Prophet and the Mountain. it happens in setup phase and in game phase also. I play real time. Sorry for multiple posts, I'm trying to play it right now.
  14. I guess the game crashes when I click on any unit from other platoon (darker icons - trucks plus AT tem)
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