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  1. Could anyone copy the feature list here. My phone has a lousy Internet connection
  2. Anyone got any recommendations for improving the performance for amd users. I'm not happy with the performance right now. I got a 270x card.
  3. Didn't know that one. Would really like to see a change log for 3.0!
  4. As far as I can remember there where no air support in ANY campaign ore scenarios in cmbn?? Are there in cmrt?
  5. With "run as admin" checked everythings fine. Runned in XP mode....no men.
  6. Ive found it. Sorry my fault, i marked the "run i windows xp mode" instead of "administrator". Thanks anyway!
  7. The men have disappeared from all the battles?? I only see their weapons flying around in the air. I only see vehicles. Anyone else experienced this?
  8. Are there any air support in this campaign? Why not?
  9. Where are the air support? Ive played 10 missions ore so and never seen any planes.
  10. Problem solved. Just installed the drivers and not the whole netgear program.
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