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  1. Pretty sure that Firefly should have been able to KO the Panther at about the 20 minute mark.
  2. Problem with a Pacific game, as others have alluded to, is that most battles won't be very fun or suited to the CM2 engine. Iwo Jima might be OK for a first-person shooter, but the terrain and fortifications are not going to work well from a CM2 perspective. A good comparison is the various attempts to recreate a D-Day beach scenario for CM2. There have been numerous attempts, but none have been particularly successful. The beaches aren't good, scaling the cliffs is hard to simulate, and the clearing of the trenches atop said cliffs also doesn't work very well.
  3. In the Courage Conquers campaign, just have your tanks blast every building with one or two HE shells. It will dislodge or kill most of the defenders. You want to make heavy use of your armour, because the Germans possess very little AT beyond 200m. I had the same problems with HTs during the campaign. They were just steel coffins, particularly for whatever poor sap was mounting the MG. I just dismounted infantry before there was any possibility of hostile contact and made sure the HTs stayed buttoned up to prevent casualties. You are best to rely heavily on your tanks and only use the infantry to mop up.
  4. As others have noted, the main drawback with WEGO is that lose the ability to give orders for a minute - which is a lot of time for bad things to happen. There have been times when I've seen spotting rounds come in early in the turn, and would have loved to be able to tell my men to get out of what I correctly deduce will be the ultimate target of the strike. Unfortunately, by the time I get to issue orders, it's too late and the rounds are already on their way. Likewise, I've had situations where I've sent multiple units forward and realize (after the first one) that the enemy has LOS on the movement area and/or a minefield. I'd love to be able to tell the next group of guys to stop, but you have to watch helplessly as they charge forward, seemingly oblivious to the guys that just got cut down in front of them. I've found that the "pause" command can be useful in mitigating some of the above-noted problems with WEGO. Start your move command at 45 seconds, for instance, because that way you only expose your guys to 15 seconds of fire before you can decide (if the TacAI hasn't already) to stop them if they take more fire than anticipated.
  5. Is there any update on this issue? I'm playing the mission now (v. 3.12) and it's still bugged. I can't cross the bridge.
  6. "The Fleeting Moment" campaign is probably the best demonstration of the strengths and weaknesses of the Italians. You get a fairly decent force in terms of training and motivation, but with all the equipment problems noted above. I found that in the campaign, the tanks would do about 90% of the work in the battles, and the infantry were really only good for drawing fire and exposing enemy positions to your tanks. The Brixia mortars were the lone bright spot in what was otherwise abysmal equipment.
  7. **Spoilers** I gave this one a whirl. Here are my thoughts: Mission 1: If I played it again, I would just wait for the tanks to show up. I lost a lot of men assaulting bunkers and other positions that tanks would have taken out with ease. The bunkers create a bit of a strange result; whereas every other Italian soldier in the battle runs for the hills upon taking any sort of fire, the guys in the bunker just sit there (i.e. they don't bail out no matter how much fire they're taking). Mission 2: High quality airborne troops versus low quality Italian conscripts = a giant massacre. I think I took more casualties from a couple of random minefields than the defenders in this mission. All in all this was a fun mission, even if it was just sending around my SMG-equipped death squads to hunt down fleeing Italians. Mission 3: So much for the cakewalk that I understand this battle to have been historically. I imagine that after seeing the town surrounded by Shermans and taking a few rounds from the HMS Rodney, that the garrison's commander would have raised the white flag. The defenders were billed as being low quality, but there were a lot of AT guns and MGs to contend with. And bunkers... When I had tanks early on, I thought the bunkers would be easy to take out. But no - after nearly depleting my HE shooting at bunkers, they were still up and running. I tried changing the angle and elevation, but despite all the "penetration" indicators, the bunkers seemed impervious to fire. This was very frustrating. Coupled with copious amount of mines at choke-points, this mission felt like a bit of a slog. CMx2, especially on WEGO, is not at it's best in urban combat, and this was no exception. It was a bit disheartening to lose 40% of my attacking force in a vicious assault in what was probably a quick Italian surrender IRL. In the end, I liked the map design and mix of units. It's evident a lot of thought went into the design. On the negative side, I thought this campaign laid bare many of the problems that still persist with how the mechanics for bunkers are handled. To be honest, I think the campaign would be drastically improved if the bunkers were replaced with trenches.
  8. That's difficult to do in many of the maps in the Courage Conquers campaign. Keeping your tanks out of panzershreck range (~225m) while still covering your infantry is already a feat in most of the urban maps.
  9. You should never need to rely on the HT machine guns in Courage Conquers. You have more than enough tanks to provide covering fire. As other's have insinuated, having someone man the mg on a HT is a good way to earn a purple heart. Basically, you should use HTs the way you use normal trucks. Finally, never ever have your infantry disembark where they are vulnerable to small arms fire. It goes about as well as the landing craft at Omaha.
  10. Darn. I was afraid that was the answer. I remember back in CMx1 you would occasionally see KOed tanks come back in later battles. Now if your tank gets bogged it might as well have been completely destroyed. On a somewhat unrelated note, one thing I would like to see in campaigns is the ability to manage personnel a little bit better between battles. For instance, if one of your tanks gets bogged or has its main weapon destroyed, you could put the crew into other vehicles that have taken casualties. Likewise you could assign a couple of infantry to an MG team that only had one survivor in the previous battle; you could reorganize three understrength platoons into two full strength; etc.
  11. The campaign is a bit strange in that you have to be very judicious with your tank HE, but can let it rain with the 105mm arty (I think you get about 1200 rounds in the second scenario). As others have mentioned, your tanks firing HE at targets they can see is not that bad as it has a fairly high chance of causing casualties. I've found most of the Germans are in buildings in the scenarios so far (I'm mid-way through mission 3) and when I fire MG rounds at them, they just run to the next building or hide out somewhere where they ambush my infantry or tanks. I generally use the target briefly command in the hopes that the 2 or 3 shots fired takes out the infantry. I'd also agree that the panzershrecks seem to have very good aim so far. I remember in CMx1 you'd be lucky to get a 30% hit probability at 100m, but now it seems like they're hitting 60% of the shots at 150m. Question. If your tank is immobilized because it gets bogged in the snow (or tracks are damaged by combat), does it make it to the next mission or not?
  12. Yes but you have to endure the "School of Hard Knocks" and "Razorback Ridge" scenarios on the way to it.
  13. Good point. If the force of hitting the AFV at full steam wasn't enough to trigger the charge, how could hitting the ground after the ricochet cause it to explode?
  14. Ah OK. Sorry for the redundancy if this is a known issue already being worked on.
  15. I appreciate that this post is anecdotal and not based on testing (although this would be extremely difficult to test) but I'm finding that infantry are extremely vulnerable to shots that ricochet off a nearby tank. To be clear, what I'm talking about is a situation where an AP shot from, e.g. a Sherman, bounces off the frontal armour of, e.g. a Stug, and then flies up in the air and lands near some infantry. I'm consistently taking casualties from AP shells landing 20-30 m away. I understand that there might be random shrapnel and that there is an explosive charge even in AP, but the lethality seems off to me. In the Chaumont 2nd round scenario, for instance, I lost 6 guys from 3 ricochets.
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