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  1. If the windows of that car are heavily tinted (as they appear to be in the photo), how would you confirm that your target was neutralized?
  2. Have you thought about using the student's names (if you know who has signed up) for various units they'll be commanding? Might increase the immersion factor for them.
  3. Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Low payoff? The ability to recreate DeanCo's "Monster Army Truck Race" scenario alone is worth the effort! See this thread for additional details. You game designers just never get it, do you?
  4. That terrain looks rather urban in nature. I thought TOW was not going to focus on city fights. :confused:
  5. True, but Steve gave a pretty strong indication in this post that sales have declined from CMBO to CMBB to CMAK, despite your, my and aka_tom_w's efforts to the contrary.
  6. Don't most game companies want to avoid longevity? If you are still happy playing the game 12 months later, you have less desire to buy the company's next game version that was cranked out 6 months ago. I thought this was one of the fundamental business problems of the CMx1 series - the long-lasting popularity of the early versions cut into sales of later versions.
  7. Only because he couldn't get into Annapolis.
  8. Holy cow! I have to train my soldiers??? How long are these scenarios going to be?
  9. This game clearly doesn't work for you. Why do you keep playing?
  10. I'll bet BFC took into account how the earth's acceleration due to gravity changes as you move from the equator to the poles.
  11. Just curious - what makes you say the people at Janes could get their hands on more accurate information than your people could?
  12. On those rare occasions when a Team is spread across more than one Action Spot, what possible issues could arise?
  13. "The reason you can't hear me is because you're firing your mortars at your end, and they're dropping here, on our end!"
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