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  1. I have the same problem on my laptop, but not on my PC. Same error as OP, game runs fine for 15 or 20 mins, then game freezes. Bringing up task manager shows the message, "CM Normandy.exe has stopped working". Didnt follow up the problem as the program has been working fine on my PC. Dont have specs offhand, but laptop has ATI Radeon graphics card, PC has Nvidia Geforce. Regards
  2. Another oldtimer returns for more bloodbaths in the boccage!! Best Regards all.
  3. This can happen if there is any enemy unit visible, even if your troops are not under fire. Makes me wish for another command, to proceed cautiously, but only stop if actually taking fire. The Hunt command can be a bit limiting. Regards
  4. Not sure if the "Mark Mines" command is working. Can anyone confirm if they have been able to use it? Regards
  5. I lost two tank commanders in one turn, and could hear the single report typical of a sharpshooter each time. Checking at the end of the game the sharpshooter was not credited with any kills. Regards
  6. I support the first poster. A lot of clicking would be saved if there was a "stay buttoned" option available.No reason why the original "Button Up" option should'nt still work allowing one minute or so buttoned up. The work around is a lot better than nothing, but it just took me one error in forgetting to renew the button up command on one tank to lose the TC that go, rather frustrating. A minute seems a long time to wait when your watching the replay fearing the inevitable snipers deadly shot! Regards
  7. My experience was pretty much as Martin Rapiers. No time with 10 turns to attack the flags one at a time, so advanced on both using MTC for all units, holding the squads with LMG's back a bit as they would be providing the suppresive fire after first contact. After that it was just a question of supressive fire one squad (LMG) per platoon, and short advances by the other 2 squads, interspersed with rests to return fire. The Russian right flank was cleaned up first with all enemy eliminated for the loss of one complete squad and 2 or 3 chewed up a bit. The left flank was taken shortly before turn 10 with autosurrender by the few remaining Germans alive. I cannot remember my loss figures but they were not high. At no time did I contemplate using human wave. However, lest I think I am a good tactician, I have been humbled again and again in other scenarios since playing this one! Regards Massattack
  8. Hi, enjoyed reading this thread as I have just finished this scenario. I managed a major victory as Axis, giving the AI the recommended +1 exp and +25% forces. I accepted the setup postions, and rushed the 105 reinforcements to keyhole postions on the right flank and centre, moving the infantry platoon up the forest to watch over the near end of the central wheatfield. I kept all units with LOS of 2-300metres, and used shoot and scoot with the 50mm Pz111's to engage the T34s at 5-650 metre ranges, and kept the 37mm ones where they could supress the Russian infantry. I moved the Co Hq over to the far right to keep a watch. The 105mm managed to engage and destroy T34's on the far side of the river as they came into view. I may have been licky with the Pz111's but they did well, and by keeping them relatively unexposed with S n Scoot they managed to dispatch a few T34's.(the Germans being elite v conscript and green T34's must have helped some). The game ended turn 27. None of the T34's crossed the river, but manoevered on both flanks and along the railway to try and pick of the 105's and other targets. The Russian infantry tried to advance up the central wheatfield (just to the left of railway from the Russians POV), but never made an effective advance, mainly due to the MG42 and 2 of the 105's, as well as the tanks on my left flank, though they did not have good los over that field. Later in the game a number of infantry approached these tanks on my left flank but were quickly suppressed. The best the infantry did was to get to about 100 metres from the end of the central wheatfield, where they were quickly routed by the hidden infantry in the forest and the hidden halftrack. By game end I had lost 2 tanks, had one with gun damaged, lost 3 105's. The 20mm ATR finished all its ammo, and I withdrew it. It got no kills but buttoned up and generally annoyed the hell out of a few T34's. The 50mm AT gun I initially set up to guard the far right, but got impatient and moved it to replace the ATR when it's ammo was used up. However it was KOD before it completed moving into position . The Russkies lost 12 tanks in total (about 7 or 8 left) and 218 casualties. My losses were 16 (mostly crew). I will try this as Soviet V AI and see how it pans out. Regards Massattack
  9. Playing as Russians v AI, I got a tactical defeat, 68-32%. I got possession of the left flank (Russian), and the foxholes just beyond the central wheatfield. I ran out of time on turn 24 of 20, and reckon I would have needed another 10 turns to get undisputed posession of the VL area. Got to agree with some of the earlier comments re the ATR units and EFOW. I kept hearing little "pings" all game long, but could never get a fix on them. I used sneak extensively to move 2 platoons up the central wheatfield, but discovered the limitations of the cover. I ended up with 85 casualties to 51 for the Axis. I don't think I would fancy this one pbem against a good German opponent! Regards Massattack
  10. Redwolf,your other suggestions were in fact answered by BTS if you bother to look at the "debate" thread. Regards Massattack
  11. James Crowley, good point about the need for slightly more game turns per scenario to accomodate the more realistic infantry model. I have found it a little difficult in some of the scenarios to go in for the finish after carefully creating an attack, though some if this may be down to me being TOO cautious! Anyway good to hear this feature will be improved. BTS, great thread, learned quite a bit from it. Regards Massattack
  12. Sorry Doodlebug if I have completely misunderstood the problem(I think not!).It seems to me that some players are getting hung up on the reactions of pinned/broken/routed troops to the point of not wanting to play the game because the autosneak feature is frustrating them so much. That it would cause such a level of frustration to some players would suggest to me that those players should look to their tactics, rather than OVERconcentrating on an admittedly flawed part of the game. The overall improvement in the CMBB infantry model has lead to a considerable improvement in gameplay over CMBO.To stop play while awaiting improvements in the patch makes me wonder do those players get any satisfaction out of any games at all. Autosneak is a problem, but get it in perpective for !%&** sake! Regards Massattack
  13. It seems some players are finding out the hard way WHAT happens, WHEN unsupported infantry try to advance over open ground towards MG positions. In real life and in CMBB you are on a loser, which is why I like CMBB so much. To blame the game engine for bankrupt tactics is indefensible. To accuse the makers of ignoring the problem and hiding behind "contented" customers is plain untrue. Does the infantry model need tweaking to improve sneaking towards nearest cover, and stopping the dance of death of routed and broken troops? Yes, in my opinion, along with improvements in relative spotting etc. This game is not perfect, but none of its present flaws will stop me enjoying a game that is streets ahead of anything else out there in this genre. Regards Massattack
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