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  1. Comp is fixed! Im too worn out to mess wirh it and gor a long day tmrw. However Im back. So i gotta dig up a lot. Of license keys. BFC is really fair though.
  2. good thing we finally called the Russians on their blatant violations of the same treaty and withdrew.
  3. For some reason.. The German tank makes me think of the guy playing Napoleon in Time Bandits saying "Ee's just a leetle feelloo"
  4. I HAD ta say something nothing personal of course
  5. I saw a review I really really want to see it. Erwin i forget the name but a google search will reveal it - there was a BBC show where a lipreader read what was being said in old newsreels. In a famous one of a haggard looking Aussie carrying a severely wounded comrade on his back hes telling the camera guy "fu*k off" hehe
  6. Is that your real normal handle? the channel name?
  7. Welll guesss what? Its not illegal here!!! Bwahahahahahaaha You actually smelll weed and see weed smokers more than cig smokers! Its crazy. Theres tickets for blatant smoking outside but get this - the city hasnt figured out what to do if they dont pay so noone pays. Youre allowed to give up to a oz as agift so its nigh impossible to prove that you sold anything.. The state dragged its feet on dispensaries? Tobacco shops started selling grams of weed. Not in the open per say - though it made the front page of the paper and nothing happened - but you were buying a 20 dollar tiny glass jar. They sell a metric f**kton of glass jars
  8. Kettler aont talkin. That could.only meam he found proof of a ice cream pzkampwagen mk I witha treacherous horst wessel lied that played as a countdown jingle jangle (of course just instrumental didnt want to offend anyone) This obviously meams a nuke was used at Kursk so therefore deep state killed Kennedy at HRCs orders (ahe was very intelligemt even as a 'child' and you know those reptilian shape shifters - devious as can be)
  9. Exactly. But then it wouldnt have been Nazi Germany. Its all there in Mein Kampf, proven by Hitlers wartime actions (except idiotic mistakes he specifically blamed Germany for doin in WW1. "Second front? Ill one up that chump Wilhelm AND declare war on America!!" He said Germany as a people needed to more or less constantly fight wars or theyd grow weak. Also his worldview is further proven in his political last will when he tells a stunned Traudl Junge 'Germany deserves annihilation as she has proven herself too weak to win' i paraphrase but there it is) If they hadnt started the war or this ir that or whatever.. It wouldnt have been Hitler and the Nazis
  10. Exactly @General Jack Ripper . my new addiction while i wait for laptop to be repaired or fot me to die to from CM withdrawals my new addiction is answering Quora questions. I always answer the whst if Germany didnt invade the SU the same way - It wouldnt have been the Nazis and it wouldnt have been Adolf Hitler then. Check out the link i put about Stalin literally sending a hit squad for the Duke. John Waynes alleged answer to the FBI to "let them come and he didnt need help with lousy reds" is just.. Epic. The fact he confronted Khruschev and Khruschev tacitly adnitted it (there were many ridiculiys excesses under Stalin, you have nothing to be afraid of anymore ( ANYMORE!! ) I interceded personally." And Im not a fan of the Dukes movies either
  11. Wish i understood Only anime I ever seen that looked semi realistic
  12. https://allthatsinteresting.com/john-wayne-assassination
  13. This hasnt been on lost on even the NK ppl who apparently have been reduced to paying wirh what little they have to buy human feces and or searching arnd for piles of human feces. Life in N Korea officially has gotten REALLY $hitty. I dont even know WHAT to say about the drone but I think I should at leastbe a contender for the top 3 weirdest posts found by now
  14. How do you figure we.re sayin "no more"? Is it Trumps "falling in love" with Kim? Or giving away things like the exercises for no gain and continually getting played to this day. In fact Trump rebutted Mr Coats intel assessment about N Korea and basically said "Intel Shmintel I can fix anything if I get in the room with them!" ( like the shutdown right? The 34 day useless tantrum? Dont blame the Dems, remember he proudly would own the mantle as of Dec ) If anything we arent saying no more, we.re pulling our pants down bending over and pointing at a jar of well used vasoline (imagine kill bill vol.1)
  15. I recently got by far the best face/ski mask Ive ever gotten. Its 12.95 with a lifetime warranty. I own a Duluth Trading Company mask tbats 4x as much and the mesh continually freezes with condensation etc. This thing not only makes you look like sub zero from Mortal Kombat or Bane from Batman (thoufh much lower key its just flat bendy rubber) but its not cosmetic - its the warmest I ever have had a mask around my mouth and nose, be easy to breathe, and not show condensation from breathing or capture liquid. I have nothing to do with the company and I dont get incentives... Im not going ti post direct links. Im really not trying to insult yoy guys at BFC - but its really cold out there and as someone whoze been working outside in Boston daily this winter this week has been a lifesaver with this mask. PM me if anyone needs help? If this violates rules PM me with hiw I can do this acceptably or if it has to go I mean no harm
  16. Is this proven or state run DPRK news? What the hell are they making it out of? Stolen fetuses from raids on illegal abortion clinics or something equally insanely evil? I dont understand their thinking. Instead of inventing edible clothing in case of starving, perhaps realize the few nukes and arty position plus Trump means hes NOT anywhere near the threat Saddam ever was. This would be a fantastic time to lower military spending - keep the nukes get a f ton of aid by promising no more missile tests. Even a SCUD missile with 20 nume warheads would be enough to almost certainly deter any regime change. Coupled with the NK artiery being in range of Seoul he's in a more secure position than any other NK Korea regarding external threats ever IMO. This would be a perfect time to win huge civilian loyalty by sweeping financial reforms, getting/conning/threatenjng massive amounts of US aid (imagine keeping 30 nukes and a some missiles theu have they know work that can hit Japan. With the arty- he could sign an agreement for just medicine and food for no missile tests and letting US approved inspectors in say 2 sites. Bargain for more. He could probably solve his nations entire food issue - alvmbeit on a year by year basis on diplomacy by agreeing to sign an agreement to never fire another test missile, nor conduct another nuke test ever. Trump would cream his jeans. I bet Kim with such a promise could concince Trump to agree to giving surplus US equipment (until a 'grownup' stopped that) - but simply having his already starved people go to merely poorly fed would allow him to stockpile massive amounts of western food and medicine. After the food and medicine the Norks have proved treaties are just paper than them. The only entity world wide I know of with a worse rep is ISIS. LOL! So why not sign up every damned agreement even if they intend to break in a few years. Simply state they will *not* kick in the nukes they have for the time being. Its already been acceptsd they have them. No ones seriously discussed them disarming completely. Denuclearization was tossed around but everyone besides Trump and rabid supoorters of his knew the Norks played this ezact same game and continually moved thw goalposts for what that definition is etc. I simply cant understand why Kim isnt taking advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity - he literslly could bring inn huve amounts of food and medicine even from America - any western nation will be hard pressed to not want to send aid of food and medicine to even an "enemy" nation - its contradictory to yhe human rights ideas we espouse. Sure we may make noise about who the aid goes to. But Kim could allow us to oversee it and basically make the world feed his worjforce and domestic food produced goto the mil. Im sure theres good gaping holes in this and hope they can be explained
  17. Its insane isnt it? Youd think N Korea would be full enough of $hit now that Trumps "in love" with Kim
  18. Illl give you a like for the kitty pic JK that is a good find.
  19. https://www.foxnews.com/world/north-koreans-ordered-to-produce-impossible-amount-of-human-manure-every-day-to-help-save-agriculture-report
  20. @Wicky since my crash im so bored i take to getting stoned and answering military history quora questions. So a question about nukes and Japan comes up. Look at the link I find and it talking about Nazi nukes in 43. I think I just may have found someones muse... https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/topic/191553-nazi-atomic-bomb-used-in-1943/?page=9
  21. Dell has 4 8gb files to download to boot from a flash drive. Thats what im working on now. Im on file #2 and so far no luck 2 more chances. If not I know someoe who I can give food stamps to to try to fix this. If its a BIOS issue at least Ill know and can work towards that goal. When i try to restore without a thumb my comp does see the HD and even tje free space.oddly I connect to my wifi and then i get an error sayin my comp doesnt support that feature. It doesnt help googling this has about 200 different solutions and its hard to figurre out which. Im tempted to try some solutions but VERY WARY of breaking my comp - Im in way over my head. If this was circa 2000 and a tower Id be much more able but even thwn a rank amateur. With a laptop and 20 years later Im almost a danger to the computer.. Im not entirely sure but some of the suggested fixes to try seem like they could catastrophically screw me. I *CAN* access my bios now it seems getting a boot file that my comp will boot from. The one today it saw the thumb it saq the files but wouldnt work. P.s. thanks for the answers
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