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  1. that and the democrats failed epically to produce a viable candidate. Biden isnt it. none of the people they brought will be able to handle djts BS on stage etc. sorry but that we go high when they go low was tried and it just made us look weak. frankly we needed a good politician who was also very witty and verbally aggressive. Biden and none of the others will fit, they have to be able to outshout trump and also be able to keep a laser like focus on an issue and keep dragging him back to it. Thats whats needed - he needs to forced to adress the major flags he always avoids, and for example the press corp should just Ask, and if he moves on repeat the question, and not leave it until he answers or openly refuses to answer which is a loss. IF he goes into longwinded bs like he always does, interrupt him - just as he would others - and call him on it. They wont though. IF they did the GOP would have a fit. frankly I think the nations broken. in a strange bit of schadenfreude I also feel we americans deserve all the misery we got coming when we do reelect agent orange. it was shocking like that debate where he literally followed hrc around breathing down her neck. All she had to do was make a scene!! for once in her life play the female role! All she had to do was say basically wtf is your issue following me?' and made a snarky comment relating to his histry of sex assault accusations. Bam. That alone would DRAMATICALLY have shifted Some stuff. I really think that alone may have changed the election - provided she kept her aggresssion up. Also this double standard of allowing djt to flame people and troll the country at best, and at worst tweet stuff thats treasonous or conspiracy for treason, or conspiracy for criminal acts, which is defended as 'hes hitting back' yet everyone on the right has a fit when any dems say anything. the dems need to fight fire with fire, just as some people only understand violence trumps core supporters really do tend to be the stereotype - wrestlemania redneck fans. You dont win these people with reason. you win them with fear and emotions, out shouting or embarrassing your opponent. These are the types that Ciceros famous argument that someones wife was a slut -so he couldnt have commited a crime-would work with. (one totally unrelated to his wife btw, and yes I paraphrased obv) my .02 cents
  2. some were. the problem was the medal of honor then was the only medal really of course it was given for ridiculously embarrassing (now) stuff like wounded knee
  3. JK i really recommend mark felton productions on youtube TIK does excellebt ost front stuff. I never got why the Sovs had all these real heroes and seemingly couldnt help themselbes regarding lying. Pavlovs house too apparemtly is a fictiom or not as important as stated. Ths nationalities were lied about too - suddenly every SSR hasa guy. Its weird to me. If panfiliv isnt the case im thinking of there was a hero kv crewed allegedly who fought to the death. Postwar the nkvd found half dead; a couple alive. One was a pow and another definitely became a hiwi!
  4. Op Infektion started with a crappy story in an Indian newspaper. The KGB used that story a couple years later. Further scientests have debunked the bio weapon gone loose theory.
  5. I can see that. But I can also see them marketting this soft - I mean christ I never heard of the rome to finish expansion at all! be clear its ONLY COMBINING THE FORCES - and is a 'gift' for their loyal fanbase thats been asking for it Be VERY CLEAR that it ships with units, qbs, and maps, but NO SCENARIOS - that buyers will need to accept they'll have to rely on the community IF THEY CHOOSE - Then Also clearly say - THIS IS A SEPERATE TITLE - E.G> 35 bucks WHATEVER - And also make CLEAR - This will Be it MOST LIKELY I see little bitching that wont immediately be shot down by ' you were warned clearly' I dont see any reason not to do it. Itd bring money, itd be quicker than any option at all I can think of, and frankly I doubt most wouldnt buy it. A hard core ( i.e. most the forum) would cave and buy it whether or not they admit it now, and within 3 months with a few campaigns itd start getting reviews. This is also a theater of gaming that hasnt been done, but is a HUGE favorite of what if historians and gamers. Itd be the ONLY game on this level that EVER covered anything like it. That alone is a selling point. Im biased because I want it, but honestly, if the RT expansion came out before my burn out in 2016 Id have played it disgust with MOUT aside. But Im no longer excited for it. that says alot since gotterdamerung is one of my favorite ww2 'episodes' Frankly Im sad to say, ME PERSONALLY, am not excited by anything they have announced for once in my life the first time. This would because its almost a fetish idea of mine. Otherwise a new engine would. Beyond that... I hope maybe I get the urge to play again, because its just no longer there. kinda sucks.
  6. perhaps. but again seriously - the greatest part and Im quoting steve myself over the 20 years Ive been here- the greatest amount of time spent is TO&E and 3d modelling and creating maps. Theres PLENTY of RT, and FB maps. Theyre gonna release the end of war for both RT and FB too. So ALL that is done. The engine is done. What testing besides making sure the game works would be needed? no new mechanics, nothing. Just literally porting over forces from one title using the same engine and patches, and the other and combining them. Maybe 2 weeks was ridiculous - but are you seriously arguing such a venture wouldnt be endlessly easier than even a module, be very rapid compared to any release ( though they stated work didnt begin six years ago its been SIX years since RT got any updated new content module wise for example.. 4 for BS... ) and thats just facts edit PS @Harry Speakup wait... so you post 2 posts above mine basically agreeing totally with my sentiment - then post basically implying Im a moron... because what I admit Im not a programmer and was off on my timeline? chill out man, so what if its heavily exagerrated as you note in YOUR OWN POST its ridiculously easier than ANY other alternative, and is almost guaranteed to sell. 10 dollars is me dreaming I know full well me and most here would easily pay 40 for such a thing I also dont know if youre aware but the mission makers for BFC - most of the missions and campaigns you get they do for free..
  7. YESS Moon! Thank you. I was reading that AAR september 99. I was a close combat player. Im hazy on other details but impressed bt all. but I remember the moment I Decided (I was aghast at the 3 man simplification for squads and some other things) was the frozen river detail The gold demo sealed an already decided thing Hey by the by I heard close combat has made a comeback. remember when the CC main guy used to troll this forum like a child? I was so disgusted and.. embarrassed for him CC2 was a masterpiece though. That grand campaign was brilliant. Id give a left nut if BFC could make a campaign like the Close Combat 2 grand campaign. CC3 not so much but playable and fun to play 12 hrs straight whoole grand camapign online. CC4 was lame and my last foray also MICROPROSE IS BACK!!!! YESS!!! Given BoS isnt goonna have four engined planes (it looks sooo bizarre now they moved to western europe and there arent even AI 4 engines) Id give 250 for MODERNIZED (READ NO NEW FEATURES JUST GRAPHICS UPDATED ETC) version of the B17 Migty 8th release. I had started my downward spiral into drugs when that came out and never appreciated it fully. I was watching YT vids of it the other a day and forgive the O/T frankly wondered WTF happened We had Euro air war and B17 etc. the menus were made to look.. like air fields. B17 did this amazingly well. Briefing room had Recon footage showing flak as plane went over target. It just was so well done. Id like if they subtracted the fighters from the game. they were unnecessary and that energy would have been better spent improving the B17. But I was watching YT, and Ive lost all my posessions several times since ITs long gone and It wouldnt be fun playing now as much I suspect because Im spoilt with the graphics and physics on Il2. But I wish game companies went away from these sleek modern looking menus and went back to EAW// B17 menus that looked like you were going to rooms on the base before flight. Briefing room. Squadron COs room. Hanger. ETc. the fact that I can even discuss this match to you - and I guarantee you theres perhaps 30 people around on this site total, maybe 20, that know what we.re on about, and perhaps 15 actually read the artice in the 90s like I did. I dont want a medal but someone PM'd me and was a little upset. claimed I was way to hard on the beav- er the new guy. I disagreed. I been here a long time. I dont feel I was too hard on the new guy - he basically implied I was just venting and that I needed to get over it - in essence totally dismissing the opinions of someone whose been here 20 years and played all the games . ( didnt own CMAK but played the demo.) I didnt see his sign in date, all I saw was junior member and 21 posts. again its not a peeing contest - but I felt it was massively cheeky almost rude to politely say 'ah shutup and sit down' when you have been here perhaps a few months or a year? As I said, if someone whose been around as long as me said it maybe Id take it more to heart. The fact that all the old timers arent flaming me or are agreeing at least in part *speaks volumes*. I dont have the rep of other people in this thread of constantly complaining and I advise people rolling their eyes at my post to take note of that as well. Search my posts. Ive been called a BFC fanboi most my time on this site. Id be the last one to make **** up or exaggerate CM deficiencies.
  8. I totally agree they need a new engine. HOWEVER @MOS:96B2P and the others. The idea is brilliant.. If I was BFC Id cancel all projects except ones VERY close to release and work on a new engine. MOS idea is perfect though. Itd be a great source of cash flow, the community would make battles, and frankly the maps and QBs would be fine anyways. Theyd have the TO&E of allies, end of war germans stragglers (put them on allied AND russian side and make optional ) and port it as a battle pack - combining the 2 armies to fight. No back story, NOTHING. that all can be fleshed out by the community. Just PUT THE EASTERN FRONT AND WESTERN FRONT TO&Es together, Take Half of the BoB maps and half the FB to Berlin maps job jobbed. sell it for 10 a copy. Id pay 20 for a copy and gift one to someone else. BFC gets some cash, Im not a comp guy but cannot see how this would take more than week or two tops and they could have it out the door perhaps faster than anything else. Itd also itch the hell out of a scratch many of us have been having as others have said. NO BACKSTORY NO NEW MAPS OR UNITS. JUST COMBINE THEM. The community will do the rest.. Ill gladly shell that money out for that. And TBH I have WAAAAAY more interest in that than some other projects. I really really looked forward to end of the war in Germany. I no longer do. end of war germany has always ad a fascination for me. I dont think urban combats there in x2. I WOULD look forward to this..
  9. Thank you, I think thats first compliment Ive ever received from you which is flattering because youre very smart. I dont even try to follow your posts if maths involved Anyways you are correct. Market Garden added stuff. But still so many problems. you cant target diagonally some units in buildings. not fortified houses. no basements. no sewers. no shooting around corners. AI tendency to do crazy stuff etc. Too many people are being really sillly about this (not you) OBVIOUSLY if I have been a member since Y2K and buy or get gifted all the games I must love them. Kinda no BS. but I also tire of people seeing any criticism or hopes for a new engine as some how being a traitor. It gets a tad ridiculous. BFC has been good taking lots of suggestions. My favorite and Im sure others suggesred it, but I know BFC replied to my suggestion EARLY on in BN after release that MG byrsts were too mechanical. always 3 rounds or 5. I asked it to be randomized. it was. so when your mg fires 5 rounds then 3 then 9 think of me for that little nugget Ill claim as my idea I get a little irritated ( maybe overly so ) at someone suggesting the problem is me and not the game and I was just being in a bad mood. I havent posted here really in a year. I didnt come back to bitch about CM LOL. And I still say - and no one will convince me otherwise- that everyone should be allowed their opinion, but its especiially ridiculous to not read my opinion for the simple fact that Ive perhaps thousands of CM hours and hundreds of PBEM games in both series of CM. Ive played since CMBO open beta. theres not many people whove been around since the Fionn Kelley vs (was it hardenberg) AAR where I fell in love seeing them cross a river frozen etc.. I may not be the brightest or no crap about programming, but Ive been hear to watch and support BFC for longer than some new players have been alive now. Im just telling people the truth. I send people here a lot. Seriously like by the dozen every month or so Id guess. Im almost rapey in how hard I push CM on anyone who likes history. And Im telling you guys what the non hardcore gamers who got money and coud be hardcore but first have to be sold on CM say. they love it, but 5 years ago Id get snarky comments about the graphics, or stupid AI behavior in towns. I told them patience etc. Graphics arent everythimng. and they arent. but lets be real. if you dont care a fig for graphics you can play a board game or a highly abstracted war game. IF you dong give a fig for graphics CMx1 is ALL you ever need frankly. CMx2s BIGGEST draw for me was 1:1 infantry modelling. That sold me on it totally. However now, 9 years after BOs release and about 14 after CMSF first dropped - I send people and the first serious wargamers have come back and said "nope. modded like you said, cant deal with X stupidity (lots people want urban fighting. its horribly unrealistic at times, or gets ridiculous) and more and more each month "nope. the graphics are just too old. its immersion breaking/too old looking etc" And I have to admit... looking at some of the screens I was excited *for the new units* but secretly thought to myself *ehh ugly screenshots* heresy. But being honest.. yes. Besides many new features that BFC has admitted cannot be done without a new engine, the old one is long in the tooth. we have to ask ourselves - how much more can they modify before its done and they can do no more? Seriously. As it is any new feature breaks something else now half the time... A new engines needed. Thats my firm opinion. Im not going to be convinced otherwise. IF they dont make it- shame but... I literally have played these games since age 14 and had a copy at 15. I turn 35 on Friday. I got my 500 or so I spent on BFCs moneys worth believe that then the editor sir - thats an element I dont even deal with. AT ALL . You guys have your own battles to fight. I dont think many new customers.. they come here and say like 'oh stop complaining' I freely admit Im not a beta tester for BFC. And for BoS I was, not sure my status now. But uhh... these people saying stop complaining to us 'laymen' do they realize that for example all the scenarios are generally made for free by volunteers? I could be wrong but I think most of the campaigns in CMx2 the designer wasnt paid. I could be wrong. I dont mean BFC screwed them- I mean they literally are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. @JonS or @Paper TigerI know this is pretty personal - but are mission makers paid?
  10. Im concerned and frankly skeptical a x3 will happen
  11. Well real life for one - if you... I got a lot going on. CM requires a lot of thought because I prefer PBEM by a lot and I hate being a total pushover. real life has been.. not good lately. Further... where did I go... well I play early access UBoat by DWS... I know para who used to come here and maybe still does is on there. I play DCS the F14 module... other wise not much DCS I was playing Hell Let Loose. My goddamned headset mike stopped working and I havent played HLL in a little bit. solid game though... I do play a lot of IL2 BOS. I played Il2 back in the day. And I got sucked right in because I hadnt played the BoS series. So I entered when its reached maturity and there was a lot of content. some friendly faces as it were. You have to understand Anson.. Ive been playing combat mission and following CM since Sept 99. then all the CM 1 series except CMAK. I was gone for awhile. Then around 2010 I was back for the last decade after a 5 or 6 year hiatus. But Im just burnt out man on CM. Idk what to say except click on my profile and see my join date. I frankly definitely got my moneys worth considering I have been playing since age 15 and Ill be 35 very soon... There isnt anywhere to go really because nothing else really fills the same niche hole or they suck IMO. I refuse to play say company of heroes. And no its not just venting about life man. I literally have been coming here 21 years. theres a lot of people Id like to see that I m still around and Im glad theyre still around. I feel perfectly legit in voicing my opinion about the direction of the series - everyone is entitled to their opinion and theres few active accounts that can say theyve been around as long as I have. And its not simple venting - for the series to go forward and be more 'interesting' to besides the hard core the graphics *will* have to improve. basements, corners, built up houses and many many other features are really needed to make city fighting believeable. Things *will* need to be upgraded. currently its the weakest spot in the series. CMx2 originally - about 10 years ago had a roadmap. We're totallly of the rails on that roadmap. We originally were going to work our way backwards after finishing end of war RT. RT came out six years ago.. At this rate we will have Barbarossa in about 20 years. Do you seriously think the series is viable like that?? Its easy when youre new because the series is amazing and I value it quite a bit, but Im speaking as someone with not hours but years playing this game and over time you began to see how it works and it for what it is, 'warts n all'. Im happy your still in your honeymoon period, but that very much is the place youre speaking to me from now. It may seem Im frustrated at life - when you have been playing these games 21 years come back and you can tell me to shutup and stop whining. Until then I feel Im very very much qualified to speak on the series - Ive played every title in it, owned all except the latest patches and rome to victory and CMAK, and have played CMBO since open beta.
  12. likewise to you and yours friend @Bil Hardenberger oh I have years of fond memories which I specifically stated. I got my moneys worth and then some, people helped me out a lot too! (RIP Nidan , and others I hope youre well!) But the urban fighting for Stalingrad or Berlin... in CMx2 as it is? I AM grateful CM exists. I point people to it all the time. If I want that type of game itd be my goto. but I feel very strongly at this point that modules for the x2 engine are taking too long and the engines just getting to old. At this pace itll get really hard to attract new gamers by the time we.re talking about finishing just the *modules* listed.. Then if we're realistic it could well be 2022 11 years since CMBN. I sincerely hope theyre working on a CMx3.. though if I was them Id retire and live happily off the sales of the excellent games I made. I selfishly hope they dont do so and make sure they 'will' their company to the right brainw- people with their head screwed on right.
  13. send my apologies for not finishing the games. IRL stuff.. and I just got so utterly burned out on CM. Oh ya and I didnt think the joke about someone Ive spoken to online for years being dead very amusing... but I owe you guys much. I had no idea wtf 'edging' 'chads' and other strange masturbatory and incel community terms were until you guys used them and I had to urban dictionary it. smh LOL and yeah youre one of the ones that was cool
  14. ah bless all your black poisoned dwarf hearts =D
  15. me neither. I also hate to admit it, but its taken way too long to come out. I know its insane to even say after reading 5 pages of aragorn bashing over saying it but its friggin true. Im sorry guys but I think the game needs a new engine or to gracefully retire. not be dragged around as a mummified corpse like Norman Bates dead mom. I mean after these modules what then? Berlin city fighting in this engine? ugh. Stalingrad in this engine would be vomit inducing. Theres a lot of other things too. I love this game series and its given me more pleasure longer than any other series but Im burned out, have been burned out, and the engines over 9 years old... Think about it. CMBO released in 2000. I remember it well. 9 years later I was playing a fixed SF and waiting eagerly for CMBN. Not eagerly awaiting a 10th CMx1 release. Im sure others will totally disagree and thats great - Im truly happy you either found this game or can continue to get joy and delight from it, instead of playing it so long it has no allure or mystery. Its all old tricks to get around broken or fudged in game mechanics, unrealistic stuff, and knowing that its really invisible die rolls and not bullets coming down that street that decide if those men get hit. cheers to all that remember who I am.. miss some of ya
  16. +1 played it 10 years ago or more fond memories
  17. we've kicked this idea around for years. Id come back to CM over it. As it is now meh I think it needs a new engine..
  18. Ah I was told Id have failed college. With ni counter argument
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