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  1. too bad the POTUS cant rage quit and stop answering emails and make a new battlefront.com acct 😃
  2. dude plz.. chill youre talking to a good friend of mine. and believe me he got his back in the day. you have no idea
  3. no I didnt mean someone pro 2nd amendment. you know exactly the type. the ones saying walmart garden centers are fema holding cells made for when they take ARS the types who formed militias, post online they hope for a civil war, helped the oregon gop evade arrest.. same extremeists with other groups and yes antifa et al make the left look bad BUT trump will refuse to disavow white supremacists. the left WILL disavow antifa
  4. how is naming those groups a denigrating label? I didnt say that was all that comprised the GOP. however every group mention is pro trump and in say david dukes case trump refused to disavow his support. second no, its more like a third of the US. Trump very well may win in November, it doesnt change its a biarre coalition of single issue voters that normally would hate eachother.
  5. patriotism is used heavily as well. also tds( trump derangement syndrome) is used to describe anyone whose vitriolic against trump and implies the persons deranged because they dont like trump. ironically the right adopted the term after it being used to describe the personality cult vibe around trump a few years ago. the right here invented the term snowflake though and uses it much how someone would in like a combo of sjw/wuss. except its use is usually a give away as to the persons leanings. patriotism has been continually used to try to shield trumps comments, criminal leanings, ev
  6. Oh when I mean the term snowflake Im talking about this aggressive political movement in the US that was printing shirts that said things like F your feelings trump - pence etc but play the ultimate victim on almost every subject and all trump does is act aggrieved and harmed unless hes constantly feted and praised. look at his reaction to a reporter calling him on his video 'tribute' to himself that he claimed was for 'all the american heroes' it was really just the gop self fellating itself and the journalist rightly called trump on it who harrumphed. my point is this guy who will say
  7. You know theres literal records of Socrates bitching about the younger generation. every goddamn generation does it. and guess what? every generation has stood up. name a US generation that hasnt yet. Im sick to death of this continual (and always seemingly from GOP boomer types) snow flake talk when their demigod is the biggest snowflake of all time
  8. oh I looked into it. I didnt feel like even doing the work you did of explaining, as far as Im concerned any evidence from kettler about current events THAT USES THE FCKN WAY BACK MACHINE...
  9. this is total BS.. if it was true you wouldnt be hearing 'news' on the way back machine. John just because its on the internet doesnt mean its true. Yes I know about the 21 cell phone accounts. That doesnt mean 21 dead by the most eextreme metric, the cell phones dropped were favored by the poorest and migrants and college kids and had to be 'recharged' -they would have went offline in a lockdown in Hubei Prov anyway.
  10. Erwin bernie would never have beem elected. Theres tape of him buying in wholeheartedly.to soviet propagamda in a USSR visit in 87. Thatd be devastating. Trump was supposedly planning to make his election fight socialism "whether or not the drms were socialist" Bernie would habe beem the perfect bogeyman
  11. Im buying this. Isnt it beautiful? Il2 is gonna get a good workout https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?293593-Luftwaffe-joystick-Knuppelgriff-KG-13-repro-WWII
  12. LMAO Kettler - our own Alex Jones. Ffs what a scary thought can you imagine a kettler podcast?!
  13. 'hanging off daddys coattails..' you just perfectly described trump corrupt family? trump. at least biden probably would have the class to not openly force their security clearance and force install them in WH positions. I agree Biden sucks. terrible candidate. The problem is trump is downright dangerous to america in my opinion. And not in the benign way biden may be, like dementia. Trump I really can see setting the stage for the GOP refusing to step down. Theres a lot of theories on this that sound kettlerian but hear me out a little - I havent made my mind up eith
  14. look just be glad I didnt take the Cicero litigation "yes your honor, but may I remind the jury this mans wife is a slut!" judge: 'lol your right case closed.'
  15. just dont allow yourself to be taken in by so many others - the other parties head guy is another sleazy corporate limousine fat cat. hes just from Queens. He isnt one of you. He isnt one of us. Unless you were born rich and your father 'only' loaned you a few million (actually turned out to be a lie and he got a lot more) he is the establishment. he isnt gonna take it on or shake it up. if he gets reelected oh well, Ill laugh and watch his supporters to crazy contortions verbally to explain his failures are the medias fault. "he tells it like it is" until he says the wrong th
  16. I dont know man, ive seen it from multiple angles. even if HRC is lying (she said she could actually feel his breath on her neck) why was he following her around from behind like that anyways? theres no way to explain it except for what it was, an instinctive almost stalking movement meant to intimidate a woman of much smaller stature. thats my take and it was pretty clear to me.
  17. third from right. whats the medal that seems attached to a penis piercing? that musta been a helluva citation. I wonder if he was the opposition commander when we had op paul bunyan. he was trying to erect wood we were cutting it.
  18. I saw a guy on the subway dead serious with a SWAT style gas mask, red army type MOPP smock, yellow rubber wading boots, damn near preening as he stood there lol
  19. that and the democrats failed epically to produce a viable candidate. Biden isnt it. none of the people they brought will be able to handle djts BS on stage etc. sorry but that we go high when they go low was tried and it just made us look weak. frankly we needed a good politician who was also very witty and verbally aggressive. Biden and none of the others will fit, they have to be able to outshout trump and also be able to keep a laser like focus on an issue and keep dragging him back to it. Thats whats needed - he needs to forced to adress the major flags he always avoids,
  20. some were. the problem was the medal of honor then was the only medal really of course it was given for ridiculously embarrassing (now) stuff like wounded knee
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