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Okay, This Strategic Command Sounds Interesting

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Hello, :)

I was researching World War II games online and happened upon this one. I have never heard of Battlefront Games before. I have played many and looking at the trailer and reading the site makes this sound really intersting. :rolleyes:

I have played many WWII games in the past. Here are my preferences from what I have played:

  • I like a lot of units of many different kinds but don't go into the 10,000's.
    I like advanced diplomacy features.
    I like random, historical events that don't happen to me but give me choices.
    I like all theaters of the war in a grand strategy game.
    I like a 1936 scenario (It's fun to try and stop the Axis before they can even launch).
    I like realistic supply, production and convoy rules.
    I like technology and production enhancements that build on each other.
    I like good graphics.
    I don't like real time, It's hard to stop playing.
    I don't like so many steps and rules that one has to make a career out of playing a game.

It sound's like this game fits the bill for the most part. So, when is it scheduled to come out? I didn't see that on the page. Only that I could "preorder" it? Also, since it's modable can I make a 1936 campaign if I so deign? Browsing through the rules seems like I can.

I'd like some feedback before making a buying decision.

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Hi Geofighter

From looking at your list I think that this game ticks pretty much all your boxes, and a 1936 campaign is definitely moddable and shouldn't take you too long to create. The editor is fairly easy to use and very flexible indeed, plus I'm sure that once the game is released you won't be the only one interested in playing a 1936 scenario. :)

As to the release date, I guess it should be pretty soon, keep checking this website or if you preorder the game then you'll receive an email announcement a few hours before it's actually released.


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Hi Geofighter,

Just to echo what Bill has mentioned above, I believe the pre-order announcement mentions about 4 to 6 weeks from the late January announcement so we are pretty much looking at a February release, end of February in the worst case.

Thanks for your interest and I really think you will enjoy the game :)


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Im 42 and have played pretty much all the grand strategy games out there and I feel this one is the best. The improvements are well thought out over the series, the editor is the best out there, there are plenty of mods, its networkable, its PBEM, its playable vs AI. Its not overly complex to play but hard to master in strategy.

You can choose from all sorts of scenarios to fit your play style. Some people like scenarios that are battles, some campaigns, some division level, some corp or army level. There are 2 other global mods already in production by players for this game on 2 different scales compared to the one packaged in the game.

SC2 Global will be the best of their series and the best one out there.

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