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3D units

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Will units sprites change as they are upgraded?

Will cities with Radar stations, perhaps have some masts positioned near them

Infantry units perhaps have different sprites, when upgraded?

Certainly the Aircraft Carrier and Battleship should have ZoC.

With Aircraft Craftcarrier, could it e.g. be loaded with 50% fighters and 50% tacitcal bombers, so in the event of the fighter option been selected, and there is a battle and all fighers are lost, the carrier plane setting for fighters should goto zero, but the Tac Bombers should still be at 10? so when you select tac bomber setting the plane number returns to 10? (this would of been the case in actual AC combat)

With for example the German pocket battleships with a greater ZoC than say the British Battleship?

Rockets should have increased range, when upgraded? v1 and v2 type development for rockets?

Ports, should ports be able to support multiply ships at once? double click to see what in a port, this would allow invasion fleets to mass as was done for D day?

upgrades for ports to include radar, AA, sub pens?

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Far as SPRITES go, there are a couple of things I wouldn't mind seeing:

1) For CITY/TOWN... have it where strategic bombing would result in several partially destroyed sprites.

When the City is REDUCED by ~30% you'd have a PARTIALLY destroyed sprite

When it is leveled by ~70% you'd see a more completely destroyed sprite.

That way, the game player could tell -- at a quick glance -- whether his bombing campaign is having -> none, some, or a lot of success.

All the game artist would have to do is a couple quick sketches, tho, don't know what would be required coding wise?

2) I'd really rather see TRUCKS used for the motorization icon, and

3) Have a new slot for MECHANIZED. This would incidentally add better re-presentation to some Minor force pools, such as Rumania, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Turkey and some others that do NOT qualify for a full-fledged ARMOR unit.

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I like that idea of the bombed out cities DD, that would really help with the ambiance also.

I would like to see a small truck icon on those upgraded infantry units also, never mind the number to denote mobility. Another thing, since we're talking about a conglomeration of combat platforms denoting our SC units, I would like to see multiple icons for our SC 3D units.

For instance you could use the main platform as a large icon, say the BB, but have smaller icons for a Ca and DD escorts that are also in the task force. Air units the same, have more than just one image, have some secondary additions to represent the groups that our SC units actually are.

The Tank groups could have a halftrack or two, maybe a self-propelled gun or howitzer. There are ways to make the upgrades more visually appealing than just the numerical representation of the level.

Yeah DD, that Mechanized unit could have the large icon of a halftrack or some nationally specific IFV inconjunction with maybe some SP anti-tank, anti-air secondary icons. The CTVs could have a better armor defense(air defense too) and attack value which would set them apart from our motorized(soft-skin vehicles) infantry units. Obviously our SC motorized units would have a greater AP potential than the Mech or Tank group with mobility upgrades.

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Great ideas SM!

Now we're kicked back and talking IMAGES,

[... and I appreciate we are thinking AHEAD of the curve here; after all, Global is probably immanent and NO TIME to do this kinda X-travagant stuff now]

I'd REALLY like to see particular research upgrades reflect the yearly increase in MOBILITY.

For instance... for Artillery you would eventually get the tracked arty that all major Nations developed.

Same holds true for the later tracked anti-tank vehicles.

That SC Artist needs to get 'is paint palette REALLY re-mixed and brush us up -> something innovative and new!

See, since Humans rely on SIGHT for the major part of their sense receptions (... though, mostly disregarding the MOST important... 6th sense), perception is crucial and critical.

Due to so very many demands on our limited ability to absorb SO MUCH data, what is "aesthetical" -- IE, more attractively, originally presented -- matters more and more as time goes on. Too bad in a way, but it's what we got now in this latter-day... Age of short attention spans and Instant Gratification.

Well these "tracked vehicles" may not always work at the MACRO level (... tho, I myself would surely use them, EVEN for a Global Mod!), but for those who MOD the smaller-scaled scenarios, it would be the Alley Cat's Meow!

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Wanted to add one more thing.

IF we had a "partially, to more-completely-rubbled" City, then!

The avid game player would have to wonder?

Hmmm, is that City... diminished enough so -> that I have gotten it BELOW that magic # of 5... which, size-wise, is required in order for the wily opponent to Op-move across great distances. X-tremely vital when preparing for invasions, eh? To prevent quick reinforcements.

Now, that would be just plain 'ol, flat-out non-redundant... FUN!

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DD/Sea Monkey.

I agree. Its time for the development team to do some serious improvements to the sprites, particularly the infantry and artillery. Of course, as one of you mentioned, the time may be rather late for the main Global SC, but perhaps for an expansion, if they haven't gone ahead and made a few changes for this one, unknownst to ourselves.

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