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  1. I thought I'd been around alot with being a meteorologist, an electrician, and an economist, but Rdent, you have made me look like a novice. Quite a history you have there, and still 6 years younger than me. Welcome aboard....again. :cool: Some of those game titles sure bring back memories....
  2. I believe Croatia, Serbia, and Bosnia are all represented as one entity in the form of Yugoslavia for the purpose of this game.
  3. CS, I'm like you, can't get enough of some wargames, even after many years sometimes with the same ones. Welcome aboard! :cool: As for your other question about JJR on another thread, all one has to do is look WAY BACK toward the beginning of this thread for entertainment..er....history of what he (was) about. :eek:
  4. Bram, Welcome aboard! Thanks for the snapshot of yourself. Perhaps you can offer your historical view of WWII from the Dutch perspective. Sounds like you have your hands full at home with the two wee ones, I'm surprised you even have time to play this game at all. :eek: By the way, I think Hubert meant DON'T be shy.
  5. Gorgin, Right about that. We seem to be way behind the times here with the metric system et al as well as using a different temperature scale, but 74 sounds so much better than 23.
  6. VonRocko, Greetings to a fellow Lehigh Valley forum poster! I'm actually located in Hellertown, just south of Bethlehem. Definitely feels like May out there, I think we hit 74 degrees today. EE, I don't know about Alberta, but there are plenty of Canadians lurking around here, so you're not really alone. Incidentally, I have a few cousins up in the Calgary area.
  7. So, I guess I can assume your name is......Bob. Care to enlighten us any further?
  8. Baron, Thanks for the background on yourself. I was a fan of the SSI games myself (particularly the PG ones), and was looking for similar games when I came across this one by accident. Many people have been coming to the forum recently with the coming release. I would greatly encourage all those newbies (and others coming back after leaving for awhile) to check out the preceding pages of this thread to see some background info on all who have provided some info on themselves here. It's a great way to find out more about the posters, what they may like (and don't like), and enjoy some o
  9. Now I think you have ME confused, Bo. :confused: That's the problem sometimes with email, so easy to be misunderstood sometimes, although I'm sure I understood you the first time. No cunfusion about Jolly Joe though. I haven't heard him on AM radio in awhile, although I suspect he's still there (it's his station after all). I always liked his Polka/German show on Sunday. Thanks for reminding me about that, I'll have to tune in to him again soon.
  10. Bo, Yes it is, but I did notice Timskorn did manage to make it back soon after. It's worth a try now and then.
  11. Well, seein' as many other senior and full members are coming out of the woodwork just recently, I figure I would just take a moment to ring the welcoming bell once again. Gorgin, Lampcord, CSS, Baron, and any others who wish to, come on in here and introduce yourselves to those of us who aren't that familar with you. Tell us a little about yourselves, if you're not too shy. This is the place (thread) to do it in.
  12. As long as you're still here, Tim, can you tell some of us who don't know you all that well a bit about yourself before you go deader than a doornob? Oh well, too late I guess. Bummer.
  13. Conspiracy freak? No problem, so am I (and by the way, some conspiracies ARE real :eek: )
  14. JJR, Well, like Kuni said, they're in San Quentin, and like YOU said, you're the last one left......I think........:confused: :eek: Bo, You sound a bit like the Gothic type, perhaps we need to liven you up!! If you have 3 charming grandchildren and 2 great daughter-in-laws, I only hope I can say the same about my 5 year old daughter when she grows up. Try the Patton Drives East game, I found it to be very good.
  15. For those of you still on the sidelines waiting for an invitation to introduce yourselves and tell us a bit about yourself (vets and newcomers alike), I'm ringin' the invitation bell here one more time.....:cool:
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