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  1. would like to play AoC Battlefield europe 1939, will play either side. pm me.
  2. Hello Anyone for call to arms or 1939 storm over europe on breakthru or WW1 engine?
  3. seeking opponent for either Breakthru or SC WW1 Call to Arms. or Nups ww2 World campaign.
  4. Hello All, interested in ww1 or ww2 on ww1 engine. irederekgrant at eircom dot net
  5. any one playing calm be the storm 1938 version 2.x? Does it work human v human?
  6. hello,Nuprmal would play your new version of Global WWii for wwi engine. irederekgrant@eircom.net
  7. Hello, Available for Nups Global Campaign, ver 1.2 running 1.04 of GC
  8. looking GC version 1.04 Nup mod 1.16 will play both sides/mirrored game good for 2 - 3 turns a day, will play at any pace. irederekgrant@eircom.net
  9. The british would be offered the decision of commencing Operation Catapult, at a cost, Yes desicion and there would a high chance of all french med fleet been destroyed. no Descision the italian's would take ownership of the french med fleet, automatically placing them off italian ports. To counter allies simply moving the fleet to belfast, I would suggest that Italy receives a bonus payment for ever turn that the french med fleet is not in the med.
  10. Nupremal World. version 1.043 would like to play axis side, as I haven't played allied yet, would be good for 3 to 4 turns a day, depending on speed of reply. would alway send 1 reply daily. please mail to discuss. irederekgrant@eircom.net
  11. Strategic Command - PACIFIC THEATER and Weapons and Warfare, will play either as either side. irederekgrant@eircom.net
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