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Regarding my Red v Red campaigns

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It's been a while since I posted anything here as I've been VERY busy working on stuff for the Brit module. However, I want to let you know that the 'Road to Dinas' victory conditions screw up has been fixed and it's all ready to play again, this time right through to the finale... when the v1.2 patch becomes available.

However, when I heard that CMMODS was closing down, I considered posting 'Hasrabit' on the BFC Repository and I thought, "Hey, why don't I update it before I do that".

When I designed that campaign, I was under the mistaken impression that an AI plan could only have 16 orders per plan and not per AI group. Since the AI is doing a LOT of attacking in this campaign, I think I managed to do a fair job of getting the AI to bring it to you even operating under this false assumption. Quite a few missions just have 8 AI groups with a set up order and a final objective order, making 16 in total and that's not really a very effective AI plan. Missions that suffer particularly because of this are 'Strong Stand', 'Buying the farm' and 'Hasrabit'. I'm pretty sure that I can make the Red attack in 'The Barrier' much more effective too.

And, as a result of sticking in BLUE AI attack plans into missions that are primarily designed to be played as BLUE vs AI only, I have learned some nifty new tricks to make the AI attack a bit more effective. So, while I will continue to do some Brit missions, I want to get a new version of 'Hasrabit' ready for uploading to the Repository as soon as it's ready.

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One major reason why 'Hasrabit' needs a make over is because BFC have made some substantial changes to the game engine since this campaign was created. Patch v1.11 introduced the 'Bug out' behaviour and also reduced the call-in delay from the start of the mission for AI artillery, (previously it wouldn't start to use it until half way through the scenario)

Playtesting the new version of 'Buying the farm' has revealed how much more difficult this mission has become as a result of these two changes. The AI is now very aggressive with it's artillery and so Blue has a much harder time fighting his way onto the board.

Another important change that was made is the reduced effectiveness of heavy air strikes on infantry units in cover. A while back, you could get a win in 'BTF' simply by hitting the three VP locations with one heavy airstrike each and that would kill or disable pretty much all the defenders within it's (rather large) area of effect. Now it's not nearly so lethal and I'd like to stick some back into a couple of missions.

And that's just one mission out of 10 that I've looked at. This is going to be interesting....

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So far, the new AI plans make the AI attack much more deadly so this might take a wee bit longer than I first thought. To avoid overwhelming Blue, I'm having to reduce the AI forces somewhat or delay their arrival and that means rebalancing everything.

I'm also seriously considering doing a 'Hasrabit' version with T-90s instead of the TURMS. But it would have to be a special version only as I think there are still a lot of folks who don't have the Marines module.

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Err, not so much a bug as a designer stuff up... I forgot to give the BLUE player the Friendly Bonus in the Depot missions that ensured he would just have to press Cease Fire to continue... The entire script was tested with dummy scenarios so that I could explore each branch and of course, the dummy had the bonus...

I haven't actually made any changes to the 'Dinas' campaign so it will be released as soon as the Brit module arrives.

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So far, there only appear to be mods and they're almost all for CMx1 games. Is it intended to serve as an alternative site for downloading scenarios and campaigns as well?

Yes, it is. Greenasjade has set it up for ALL CM games and is asking designers in another thread to upload for CMSF.

Excellent news about your campaigns, PT. Greatly looking forward to completing Dinas, and maybe re-running Hasrabit too. It's gonna be a very busy period once the Brits are here!

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