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A bug and the BMP-3M

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Ok to things I thought I'd bring up for possible patching:

First the easy one: the BMP-3M has a component called "optics" in its damage report, it should be "IR optics" (I wasn't sure if it had IR optics until it spotted through smoke).

Second the weird bug I'm seeing with 1.11:

I held back reporting it since I thought it was my imagination, I call it the "Uber Burst". Where a vehicle with a burst weapon (GL, 25mm etc) will fire an entire burst in one shot. This only happens when you give the initial target order, following shots are normal. It only happens once in a while too.

I could try to get a screen shot if you want.

I'm only playing RT some I'm not sure it happens in WEGO.

But it's pretty awsome to see a AAV-7 fire a shot gun burst of 40mm!

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Hey, I seen that shotgun burst thing as well. When it happened the first time, I went 'WTF'. Neat visual effect and as you said, not very often. And not consistent enough to clearly determine if certain game conditions contribute to it happening.

Edit: I only seen it once, but I had a 60mm mortar mission do a rain burst effect. I had saved the game while the mortars were engaging a target. When I started from the save file, the continuation of the fire mission actually dropped 60mm airburst all over the target area in one spectacular salvo of pure awesomeness before resuming to the 1 or 2 shells per salvo that is the norm.

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I too have seen the 'Uber burst', in real-time with 1.11. Because there were A-10's in the area I initially thought it had come from one of them, but after playing and re-playing the same scenario over and over, I saw the Uber burst once more, but this time it came from a .50 cal armed Stryker. Doesn't happen very often (3 times out of 15 or so games played) Not sure what this is - it does look suspiciously like a bug of some sort.

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