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  1. and just a PS after a quick play - freakin excellent EXCELLENT work folks - top quality - I mean, I loved CMSF1, this is pudding on the cake And my ol' wall-jump animation is still in there! Haha awesome. Touched
  2. Steve, Casio et.al, Been a few too many years since I was active on the boards or behind the scenes but there's pretty much not a day goes by that I don't make a PBEM move with my ol' mate across the Pacific - I counted the other day that we've been playing around 10 years or so. Anyway, just wanted to say a big congrats for CMSF2, just downloading the demo right now and looking forward to getting stuck into it. I remember getting the original CMSF 1 demo on a disc with Australian PC magazine and playing that for weeks before I found a Paradox CD copy in a bargain bin in my local PC store
  3. I had these exact same issues with the menu on my HP DV6. Fixed with some experimenting with the quality/performance settings under the Catalyst Control centre. Currently settings are all the way over to the QUALITY under Gaming Performance/Standard 3D settings. Under Gaming/Image Quality I have AA 4x standard Nothing ticked AA mode performance Anisotropic 16x nothing ticked CMSF options are set to: Display - Desktop VSynch Off AA Off High Priority Process ON ATI Left click ON Hope this helps to get you going. Once I'd changed the vide card settings I remmeber then being able
  4. Hi Folks, Haven't posted for a couple of years but I been reading again recently and thought this might help as I had the same problems when I did a reinstall. Oddly enough I fixed it by messing around with the graphics settings between my card and CMSF. I think maybe the "high priority process" on CMSF settings perhaps? Or try changing some settings on your graphics card. Sorry to not be more specific but I hope it works for you guys. Cheers MiR
  5. PP that was funny man With much thanks to all for your patience and work and input and for keeping this going; am now in the process of uploading a zip to the repositories; should be live in 10 mins or so. Cheers MiR
  6. Hi guys, Humble apologies from me and gratitudes also to those putting in the time and effort to get this fixed up to Brit compliance in my absence. Bushfire season just starting here and between that and a bit of work have been a bit chokkas. Weather permitting will run them all through the subdueing process this arvo and post asap. Cheers MiR
  7. Hi folks, Apols, work getting in the way of fun things! Wll be on it either Friday this week or Mon/Tues next. Thanks for your patience!
  8. Hi Guys, Appreciate your post and am glad to hear the mod's been useful to you; am happy to re-do them with the new icons no worries; will get it done obver the next few days all being well. It is an alpha channel thing Zatoichi - if you need it sooner rather than later, basically each icon has a 50% or so grey alpha channel included. But will get to it when I can for sure. Cheers MiR
  9. Mord, Congratulations on having the courage and determination to see out a dream of yours and for the greater courage to admit that things weren't working out for you and to do something about it. Awesome man, well done. You went out there and gave it a go and came back with new found lessons on life; hell mate; I doubt you've disappointed anyone. I think you showed great determination and courage, good on you and welcome back Mord; respect to you for living your life.
  10. Not long after that - am not sure how long exactly but I know it feels like an age! I managed to hold on by not decisively getting engaged until they arrived; got down into the valley, especially behind that low wall down there, and in the trees, and dug in till relief came.
  11. **SPOILER BELOW** Rogu187; If this is the one I think it is; hang on a while longer; you'll get a bunch of reinforcements that'll help you through.
  12. Well it makes sense if you think about it; the Unit Lock or View Lock is just that; moving the mouse to pan your view means you can't physically be locked to a sinlge unit to do that as the camera needs to be able to move non-centrically to the unit. Orbit or height are the only movements one could realistically do with the camera locked to a specific unit. The solution is to keep the right mouse button held down for orbiting and roll the wheel [if you have one] for height adjustment; with the right mouse held down you wont break either view or unit lock that way and can scoot around the Ta
  13. These from MarkEzra's Viper Pass scenario [nice one by the way Mark - a bit of a meat-grinder for Red but fun to play all the same ] A couple of times in this scenario my PBEM opp has almost but run over hidden RPG teams. This was one of the lucky ones that actually managed to get a shot off - gotta love the detail in this game when you get down to dirt level; I was half expecting to see the Stryker gunner gawping at the incoming RPG.
  14. Doh, sorry mate. You got there in the end and that's good
  15. darn that's odd Unless someone else comes up with any less drastic ideas I'd suggest uninstalling and re-installing SF. I take it you've not got any mods installed yet? if so, remove all those to try too.
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