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  1. No quote or page - just far too many references to casualties caused by RPGs.
  2. Couldn't agree more. RPGs are the force multiplier. I'm currently reading 'Ripcord - Screaming Eagles under siege, Vietnam 1970' and in most (if not all) US infantry encounters with regular NVA units, RPGs appear responsible for most of the casualties. Volley fire was also regularly used. Try to imagine the effect of 10 or more RPGs all fired off 'en-masse' at a static hilltop US position. Talk about pocket artillery - how about a portable GRAD jungle strike? 😁
  3. Great stuff Bill - excellent pictures and explanations for your moves. Kudos.
  4. Ha! Yes I am Aragorn, and of course, you are correct, my spelling was harstikke foute. I spelt it like it sounded (it's been a few years now) - but slacht will definitely be the operative word for this battle Looking forward to the contact front! moment.
  5. Nice screens and descriptions Baneman. Wordt en leuke slagpartij! 😉
  6. Ha! I like this story Altipueri. All elaboration appreciated.
  7. I believe it's Alt+P (show all paths)
  8. Sounds like you're having a tough time of it Steiner14. Sorry to hear it. I have a joke for you though... Why wasn't Jesus born in Australia? Because they couldn't find 3 wise men and a Virgin. Seriously, I don't think the infantry is that broken, but that's just my opinion David
  9. wow, this is taking way too long for you guys... German post checking the contents perhaps?
  10. I'm up for a game (17/06) dpsluiter @ yahoo. com let me know
  11. I have just re-re-played Mike's 'Outmanouvered' - this is a beauty of a scenario. Great open map, well placed buildings and lots of long range fire-power. CMSF is an absolute gem and can only get better
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