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No one is an island, or: please ad a sign

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Hello Bill101.

You did a great job designing the map of the main campaign, honestly.

Having said that, would you mind if i would ask for a slight change?

Please show the two arrow symbol wherever it is possible to cross the ocean without the help of transport or amphib shipment first.

If you can't imagine that Ceylon might be reached on foot (speaking of myself, of course), than the sudden appearance of a dozen indian units knocking at the city walls can be quite a shock for peaceful mind such as myself. ;)


I think there are a couple of other islands which can be reached whithout using naval movement. On one occasion i let my unit sit for some months on such an island because i didn't wanted to spend the money for the naval transports, when from the adjactent island next to mine the AI walked a unit over water (which would have been ok if this would have been a game settled in a timeline like the year 30 anno domini.)


What do you think about the arrow-symbol suggestion?

Maybe you decided against any sign for a reason?

It would be nice to learn more about it.

Keep up the good work!


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I would never turn on a grid, because it is always butt ugly :eek: compared with a map without it.

And without a grid overlay you can't see or know if a tile can be entered or not without entering it.

So this is a tricky kind of something for everyone who don't activate a grid overlay.


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Hi Xwormwood,

I'm glad the AI is giving you a few surprises! :)

We use this type of connection where the gap is considered minimal enough that it shouldn't require a full blown amphibious landing to do the job. It's generally more representative of a large river or small(ish) sea crossing.

The same applies between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, and between Java and Sumatra. In fact there are probably quite a few other examples on this map, far more than on any previous European Theater map.

Although there are far more of these than we've had before, as they aren't a new feature I didn't think of advertising them on the map. I will certainly take a look into this but I don't want to promise anything more than that at this stage.

Here are the four types of tile that represent locations where units can cross from one side to another:


You have raised an interesting issue too, one which has made me revisit my atlases... stand by for a small amendment in this area!

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I do actually think this is a pretty good idea, if it doesn't take much work or time to do.

I'm also definitely against using the grid in any game that it's optional not to have one activated.

xwormwood, to bad you didn't have this idea pop up when there was another strategic design competition.

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