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  1. Wait until you get german armoured units at 15 strength, fully researched. There is simply nothing that stops these units.
  2. I know in the original set-up it is not possible, but I was wondering if it would be possible to change this in the editor?
  3. Unfortunately yes it is normal to be that slow. The good news is that enough people have complained about so Hubert is at least going to look at, and hopefully make it faster.
  4. Wait to you see Panthers taking on T70s in 1941 as a Russian player. Now that's an experience!!! I did a mod for the middle of 1937 and I set heavy tank values for all countries to 0. Of course one of the first things I did was invest 5 chits in this tech, but of course no hits and the Russian tanks become the joke of the Wehrmacht. Luckily for me the AI didn't know how to use them, and for whatever reason I got good AT tech so my tactical bombers chewed them up. Anyone want to take a wild guess at how many chits I put into that tech? 1 chit in 1941, and in four turns I had level th
  5. Generally I don't like to criticize technicalities, but the manual was unsatisfactory to say the least. Naturally it doesn't have to be in a DVD case, it could have been wrapped separately, and or just put outside the mail envelope, and marked as fragile. I'm fairly certain that nobody would have been opposed to this. On top of that about 10-15 of my pages were already ripped out, and to say the least the rest needs an electronic microscope to read. It's like the "fine print" in a contract; only thankfully it won't cost a lot of money and distress. Once again it's silly to complain abo
  6. John's right the arrows only work for the US. Just like the naval loops on the west coast (SC PT) only worked for US, and some what for Canada. I think there were some problems for the Canadians using the loops though...
  7. Play as a Novice, there really isn't much more of a bonus, and because of all the AI bonuses it get's from the game itself, you really can't get any bonuses.
  8. Hi Robert4260, A word to the wise, it would be a smart idea to have it in the "Games" folder instead of the "Program" folder. This is extremely important if you have Vista, as even as an Administrator you won't be able to edit any scripts as there in the "Program" folders. You also avoid a few other problems, one of which you mentioned in your post. Of course it's also annoying, as you will have to uninstall it and then reinstall it, restarting you're computer twice, but it becomes extremely helpful once done.
  9. The game's great so far I haven't run into any problems worth noting. The AI's turn is something of amazing speed, almost to the point were the sound effects are behind the actually attack/movement. The one thing that I think the game could improve on is making the editor faster. Fact is it took me about 3 hours to design a scenario, which if I was doing it in PDE, it probably would have only taken 45 mins. I do of course realize the maps huge, and therefore it slows the editor down. However it's not just the huge lag if you will, but the fact it's so out of sink. It made me realize why th
  10. "This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment. It is no longer available in your country". Yeah I got this too.
  11. To be honest Hubert suffered some sort of back injury, which hampered the production of this game, because he couldn't sit behind a computer. With that said you now throw into the picture the fact that Moon and other members of the administration staff here at battlefront don't want to get caught with a release when there is maintenance on the server, and you quickly understand why the game's been pushed back. I believe Hubert placed an estimate somewhere on how far his back injury set him back; I believe it was roughly 6 weeks. So then in the hypothetical of Hubert not being injured the g
  12. I've got a really bad feeling about this, but do to the fact it will save me loads of time I have to ask it any way. Will I be able to import files from SC PT to SC Global? If so I could import my Europe mod for 42' and my better known Midway mod, fix everything up, and release it within a few hours! Instead of many days/months.
  13. At least I know I'm not the only impatient one around here
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