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WWII movie recommendation

Silvio Manuel

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Hello all,

I'm hoping you could provide me with a few WWII movie recommendations. Mainly I'm looking for (in this order) movies regarding

1- Ground battles (as opposed to a heavy focus on the Air or Sea battles) in the Western and Eastern Fronts

2- Commando raids

3- N. Africa

4- Air battles

5- Sea battles

I've seen (including all theaters):

Saving Private Ryan

Band of Brothers

The Longest Day

A Bridge Too Far

Battle of the Bulge

Bridge at Remagen

Bridge on the River Kwai


Pearl Harbor

Thin Red Line

Flags of our Fathers

Letters from Iwo Jima


Sink the Bismarck



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Mister Roberts. Again not a battle flick, but it probably gives the best idea of what most sailors spent most of their war doing.

Task Force. It's been years and years since I saw this one, but I recall it having an authentic look and feel to it.

Run Silent, Run Deep. Possibly the best sub movie ever made (about the USN; pace Das Boot partisans).


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V Boi Idut Odni Stariki (Only The Old Sweats Are Allowed Into Battle) 1973, Leonid Bykov in the leading role as Capitan Titarenko, the ace commander of an La-5 squadron famous for its air-to-air gunnery and musical skills its spare time. Funny and serious, a brilliant window into the Red Army, and by far the most-loved Soviet war film of all time. Includes the classic line: "Wars end...but music is eternal!"

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We seem to have this topic come up every so often. To run with your metaphor, there was absolutely nothing requiring reading of the Riot Act, but I thought I'd point out some very good prior discussions on the Silvio Manuel's topic. If you want to see a place where the Riot Act would be useful, come see what happens in the threads where I address things (very long list, it appears) that set people off. Even happens in threads I start or which are specifically addressed to me! And, yes, I have been here awhile, since February 2001 in the days of the CMBO Beta Demo.


John Kettler

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Silvio Manuel,

This topic has come up before, with some very wide ranging discussions. The stuff here should keep you busy for a bit.



John Kettler

Howdy John,

Thanks for the tip. Your link, however, just took me to a screen that says "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms." Where you trying to lead me to search results for a specific set of terms, or was that just your roundabout way of telling me to 'do a search!'

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