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CMSF Mod Installation Issue


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Hey all,

I have been playing the game for a few weeks now (it is getting addictive and certainly feels refreshing after countless hours spent in the boots of various WW2 soldiers in every kind of 3d-battlefield imaginable) and I would like to use some of the mods from cmmods.com, but the Read Me files always say that I should locate the "Z" folder inside the main folder where my game is installed.

Unfortunately, there isn't one. Is it because my CMSF is from GamersGate and not from Battlefront? Does the GamersGate version use a different folder?

Thanks in advance,


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The Z folder is not a must, but makes things easier. The reason is that, when you start CMSF, it loads the datas in the 'data' folder in alphabetic order. Since the original *.brz files are always named version***.brz, all mod files must start with a x, y or z - OR you create a folder named 'Z' and put all your mods into it.

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You can put the mod files directly into the data folder if you want. The Z folder just helps organize them and help tell the computer that those files are the newest. You can create multiple Z folders (Z1, Z2, etc.) and swap different mod sets in and out.

There is a lot of really nice work out there so be sure to check it all out.

Also, don't be afraid to try your own hand. You can't break anything that can't be easily fixed.

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