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Civilian national security force in the future?


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By replacing them with other large contracts and a different set of political appointees, obviously. :)

Too true. The hope is that the replacements do a better job of maintaining National Security - not too hard to do given the abject failure of the current arrangement.;)

I'd expect the new arrangement to demand people fight for a flag, as opposed to fighting for money, if it is to have any chance of success. Otherwise you're likely to end up with an even bigger mess. Baby with the bathwater and all that - I realise that the vast majority of the people currently undertaking to secure National Security do so precisely because they believe in and love their country. These people are the reason you're not totally in the **** at present.

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As best I can tell this is referring to something Obama mentioned in one speech in July (just based on a quick Google search). I can only speculate, but what I would kind of hope this means is he would attempt to rebalance national security funding to expand the capabilities of the non-military agencies and reduce the degree to which our foreign policy is influenced and executed by DoD.

It's a worthy goal, though frankly given the current system I have my doubts about its feasibility. If indeed that's what he meant.

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The answer to this mystery is not hidden. It is prominently displayed in Obama’s speeches and in the position papers on his website. Obama is referring, neither to the militia nor to a reincarnation of the Brownshirts, but rather to his unprecedented plans for universal community service for young people and for hugely increased funding for a myriad of voluntary service programs for the rest of us.

Green Job Corps, YouthBuild Program (sextupled), Classroom Corps, Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, Veterans Corps, Homeland Security Corps, Peace Corps (doubled), Global Energy Corps, AmeriCorps VISTA (expanded), Experience Corps, Senior Corps, Social Investment Fund Network, Social Entrepreneurship Agency for Nonprofits, Corporation for National and Community Service, etc.

No, that is not from The Onion.

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