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Finding Mines

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Mark Mines

This command enables engineer units to detect and mark hidden

minefields so that other units are aware of them. Other units

can then move through the marked minefield, albeit slowly.

Mark Mines is a very slow movement command which takes

the unit’s full attention and reduces awareness and returning


Restrictions - only Engineers can mark mines.

Example - Marking mines under fire is suicidal unless you have

other forces suppressing the enemy or call for a large scale

smoke screen.

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Jaak, umm are you sure they were engineers?

Eng's have a move command that is find mines, basically you get you squad where you want them to start then you set an end way point on where you believe the other side of the minefield to be and then they walk across SLOWLY and mark the field.

However, I haven't gotten to test this in game, gimme about 2 hrs and I'll come back with an official answer, going to make a quick scenario and test it out and then you guys can have a real in game test result.

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Hmmm ok well sadly I have nothing definitive. A reply from the devs might be helpful here.

Here is what I did observe.

1.Minefields appeared to only be discovered after a mine was detonated by a friendly, I use mixed mines and they did not damage my Humvees as they rolled over, but did detonate.

2.Engineers must first be moved within about 10m of the mine sign to be able to use the Find Mines command.

3.Once the engineers start to execute the command they will go prone in the area for 2+ minutes alternating between spotting and hiding in their status.

4.After this time has elapsed the red mine sign will change to a green one.

5.I do not know what effect this change has. I can not tell if it truly create a safe lane for follow on units or not.

Any developers who know what the mine aspect is supposed to do or that can explain what the difference is under the hood once the sign changes to green would be greatly appreciated.

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Mine Issues

How do you tell if you hit a mine? The game provides no feed back. Did the vehicle hit a mine or get hit by the enemy?

If you don't know there is a mine field, where do you send the engineers!

If engineers can't see the mines, how do they mark them.

Why can't engineers blow a path through a mine field?

The whole mine/engineer thing seems to be not working or unfinished.

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Originally posted by Hardcharger:

How do I know I hit a mine? I hear an explosion, screams and then black smoke from one of my Strykers. There's no return fire from my boys and there's no enemy units spotted.

No enemy units spotted doesn't mean too much if you just passed a hidden RPG team that one shotted you in the ass smile.gif
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