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Thank you.

Now the new update is as follows

Africa is cut into 8 pieces.

Marocco,Egypt,Italian Central North Africa and Italian Ethiopia, France North Africa, South Africa, Western African Coolition, Central African Coolition and South African Coolition.

All 3 African Coolitions will have the major capitals of each country as cities and everytime one city is captured then the capital will move around until there will be no more cities. This will represent the fact that in each coolition there are a lot of countries. Madagascar belongs to the South african Coolition.

Maybe i will put Marocco out in order to have one extra country.

At this point i have the following countries.

UK,France,USA,USSR,Germany,Japan,India,South African Coolition,Italy,Baltic States,Benelux,Bulgaria,Canada,China,Denmark,Egypt,Central African Coolition,Finland,Greece,Hungary


Iran,Iraq,Ireland,Burma,Western Africa Coolition,Mongolia,Australia,Morocco,Netherlands,

Norway,Poland,Portugal,Indo-France,Romania,Saudi Arabia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,South Africa,Brazil,Turkey,Vichy France,Yugoslavia.

I was thinking also in order to make Switzerland nutral land and no one to be able to attack it. and use another country as well.

I managed to have the western part of USA with full production point by making S.F. as a production center. Still trying to figure a way to send troops from East to West.I have an Idea. A little lame but here it is.

The Panama takes 3 turns to send ships. I could make a small lake in the west part of the US and send tranports from one place to the other with only 1 turn. This way only army units can travel, immitating the railroad from east to west.

Comments please.


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New about the project.

All the tiles with terran, cities, ports, oils, mines , rivers,lakes and weather are ready.

All units have been inserted with the exeption of the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Dutch Indochina.

Convoys are set. Naval Loops are set. Flags are set.

So the map with everything is ready. All that is left now are the scripts. I will start first with the Events and then with the AI.

Once i will finish the Events i may post the map in order to play it Player vs Player and report me about instabilitites or problems.

Lets hope that everything will turn out ok.


Still the connection of east and west US is a problem. the resources issue is fixed but you can't send units from one coast to the other.

my idea with the lake transportation looked very bad so i dismished it. There is another idea by a friend to connect east and west with a path going from the south pole and up. I am looking for other ways.


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Thank you Retributer i will post as soon as i will have things ready.

Mr. Dozer you want just the map or everything ?(no scripts yet).

Does anyone know how to put army unit on the sea as amphibious transportations. Japan in 1937 had 4 main targets that i will also put in the AI. the first 3 targets were in China while the 4th was in France Indochina. In Indochina it was easier cause it was a land operation. The same with the 1st target that was Beijing. Japan had the lands of Manjuria and Korea and had a good army there to attack from land. Also had the Mongolian army that was at the boarders of Mongolia and USSR. But Hong Kong , shangai and Tianjin were attacked with amphibious attacks.

And now some updates:

Australia, New Zealand, Dutch Indonasia armies are ready. Now i will work with the USA forces.

And more important the US Navy.


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Um the map and sprites for flags and Japan units?

I am creating a 1939 scenario, i want to see how much ares will be different or the same, do you mind if i use some of your stuff like spliting africa up?

To set to transport i just learned is create a soldier and put it on land the switch to move unit then click on water, will give you choice to have it as transport or amphibious

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Ok friends i have a new update of the map.

I will need some people that will test the map and report me about the things that need fixing.

By tommorow i will have finished all the Event scripts and the AI script for the allies. So the testing will take place with Axis only.

You can send me your email so i can send you the map. Since the map is huge you will need a powerfull machine to have the computer side calculate things fast.

I await your reply.


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The map have been send to FerrisB and Joost.

I tryed to send it again to Mr.Dozer but once more the mail returned.

The map is free to share with everyone but i would like at this point the testers ,not to send away the data, in order to finish the project first.


Christos Sideris

[ September 26, 2006, 04:43 AM: Message edited by: SidiusPOA ]

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I got the file, interesting stuff, i like the sprites and the jap icons. I think Japans income is good, ships on the big side i think.

Also i think Iraq, Iran, and saudi arabia have to much oil well for a balanced game.The thing i see is the axis will get crushed by the sheer power, germany will fall apart as the japanese will get resisted. Then japan will fall.

Also I think China shoud be set that if the first or second turn Japan doesnt attack China it joins the allies as i see that the axis will tend to use diplo to have China join them.

One other way I see to deter this is have thailand or other countries around china really tick china off so that way japan is staying isolized instead of expansionistic.

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i like the map! its the first good looking world map that i've seen! the scripting is good but some more historic info while playing should be great! and i agreed to the sugestion that mr dozer made earlier! maybe its to hard for the axis this way..

keep up the good work!


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Ok dear friends,

I have made some changes before i go.

China wil ldeclare war on Japan if Japan will not attack China in the first two turns. They will attack in order to free Manchuria, Or try lol.

I would like the testers to check this please:

Once France is under German control Libia will join the African western coolition.

Also once Poland have surendered Canada and India and australia join the war.

Check also if Japan forces move closer to India if Burma will mobilize on axis side.

Does anyone know how can i transfer lands from one country to another with the cobition the fall of a city?

I want to tranfer all the USSR lands to Germany once Sverdlovsk is fallen to the Axis so the USSR will continue to fight but make life easier to the Axis.


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Dear friends,

Thank you all for the support and your boosting words.

I am leaving and when i will return on the 23 of October as a married man i will continue based on the feedback you will give me.So by the first days of November the Global World War 2 wil lbe ready for all to share.

A final test i made shows that it takes 3 to 5 minutes for the computer to make it's turn . I have heared that in some modes it takes long (20-30 minutes). I hope it will not break the nerves of the players while playing.

I await your feedback once i will return.

Finally i want to note that the Japan's sprites were made by two other friends that started fixing the game. I have mentioned it in previous messages. The J&J team made them and i used them so the credits goes to them.

These for now.

Wish me luck .


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