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My friends i have seen a long wait for a world map.

I am trying to build one. Very new here and i have never tried something like this. This is a screenshot of the minimap on the editor.

I have taken the standart map fro mthe game and i maximized the map. This is the mainland. No islands no nothing. I would like to hear your opinion before i continue. Beware the colors may play tricks in your mind about the size of the lands expecially africa.

Please reply if you can and want.



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I`m waiting for a world map since I first heard that there will come an editor with the game.

(to stupid to build one myself)

The best one so far is Honch`s mod but it`s still no real worldmap.

So please continue your work on this one!

Suggestions (if wanted):

- Make Italy a minor & add Japan instead as the second axis major.

- Add the west of the US on the right half & connect them with "red arrows".

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Looking good so far.

I may have a solution for the "East/West-US supply and move/operate"-problem.

What about making same kind of "frame" (with mountain/blank titles) on the west, east and south side of the map & building a "land bridge" behind this between east/west-US. This way there`s full supply on both parts & operational movements are possible! Naval units can use "red arrows" to simulate the Panama Canal.

(you see what I mean?)

Maybe you can send me a copy of this map (sc2@ferrisb.de) & I`ll work on it (at the weekend - sorry no time till then).


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Is Europe the same scale as the original game? Your concept is coming out much better than what I have, but I wanted to put more USA on the map to show the Panama Canal (at least the crossing arrows).

Oh, I can't tell, but I would go as far as the Samoan Islands in the SE section of the map. Thats the furthest naval base used for WWII purposes in that direction.

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Dear Scook about the map yes i have used the standart 1939 scenario. I have changed the map size to Max and then i started building on it.

For the above reason some parts can't be shown. Yes i wanted to invade the US as the German forces but i am content with rulling the rest of the world.I hope the map will look better in a little while.Look for a new maop in an hour or two.

FerrisB very good thoughts. I will send you the map tommorow. The reason is simple. I do not usualy work on weekends so if you will fix some things and resend me the map on monday so i can continue.

I have a big problem. Fixing the world is ok but making the beaches is very hard. The tiles are hard to search and put in and it feels like tetris. After that i will start the scripts.

Question what is the best way to change the names of the Countries?


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Another Update of the map. I have finally ended the beaches and they look nice. Some changes have been made in Australia and Africa. Next update the countries that will take part and the lakes and rivers of the world. Also some forests and mountains.

40 countries are ok lets see how will i change the names. why don't the editor have a country rename button?



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Hello Christos,

the map is looking better every day smile.gif

- "I will send you the map tommorow. The reason is simple. I do not usualy work on weekends so if you will fix some things and resend me the map on monday so i can continue." - Good idea, so we avoid "double versions".

"Is there a way to import my map version 1.2 to the 1.4 update" - yes, but you have to export it under v1.02 first. Look what HC wrote -> http://www.battlefront.com/discuss/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=59;t=000097#000000

Really looking forward to this!

Is there anything else (besides the land-bridge for the US) I might do at the weekend?

What about further convoys from India/Brazil/... (like seen in Honch`s mod)?


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Dear Friends,

I have seen that in order to chnage the name you must play with the localization on the games root folder.

There you have the variable and the name. I was informed to change Italy with Japan. Ok with this and i know how to also change the proper graphics in order to make Italy into Japan. But this , all this will have to create certain files that have to do with all the game. Is there a way in order change these things without changing the game as a total?


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Dear Friends,

This is a new update of the map and it is 1.4 version.

Italy is now Japan. I have changed various countries and thanks to the work of F@F i have started putting inside the new flags,units.

In order for the map to look better for now i have activated some countries. China with the USA, India,australia with UK, Korea and Tailand with Japan, France Indochina with France , Indonasia with Netherlands and Ethiopia and Somalia with Italy that belongs to Germany.

I hope that this mod is starting to look better and better. I would like to thank everyone that helped me so far and to encourage them to help more.



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Another update with the island of Japan. This is not the final outlook for the Island but you can see the units. It was simply a test.

Dear n0kn0k i know we can't put all the countries.

The idea is to unite certain countries according to their protectorate country.We will see the forum is filled with people of history we wil lfind a way.



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Dear FerrisB i am waiting for the arrow connection between the east and the west america.

I have made some progress with the map i could not wait. :D

As for now these are the countries i use. I still have space for 3 more countries.

The new countries are: Japan, India, China, Burma, Western Africa Coolition, Mongolia, Australia , South Africa and Brazil.


#FRANCE= France



#GERMANY= Germany

#ITALY= Japan

#NEUTRAL= Neutral




#BALTIC_STATES= Baltic States

#BENELUX= Benelux

#BULGARIA= Bulgaria

#CANADA= Canada


#DENMARK= Denmark

#EGYPT= Egypt


#FINLAND= Finland

#GREECE= Greece

#HUNGARY= Hungary


#IRAN= Iran

#IRAQ= Iraq

#IRELAND= Ireland

#JORDAN= Burma

#LIBYA= Western Africa Coolition

#LITHUANIA= Mongolia

#LUXEMBOURG= Australia

#MOROCCO= Morocco

#NETHERLANDS= Netherlands

#NORWAY= Norway

#POLAND= Poland

#PORTUGAL= Portugal

#REPUBLICAN_SPAIN= Republican Spain

#ROMANIA= Romania

#SAUDI_ARABIA= Saudi Arabia

#SPAIN= Spain

#SWEDEN= Sweden

#SWITZERLAND= Switzerland

#SYRIA= South Africa

#TUNISIA= Brazil

#TURKEY= Turkey

#VICHY_FRANCE= Vichy France

#YUGOSLAVIA= Yugoslavia

The Flags are ready for the above countries.

I have finished with the Asia Terrain. I have inserted the cities in China, India, Burma , France Indochina, Netherland Indonicia, Japan and Iran.

I have finished with the weather control of all asia , Australia , Africa and South America.

Can someone send me a list of the units a country had during these times?

I was thinking in starting the date from 1937, in order to have Japan's war with China.

I am waiting your feedback.



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Hello Christos,

didn`t recieve a mail from you so I thought you have forgotten me :(

(Don`t know what happened - checked mail on Sa/Su)

If you can send it to me (alternative mail: frank@smets.net )tonight (untill around 10pm CET) I will sent it back around midnight so that you can go on tomorrow.

BTW: The progress you make is impressive! (how many hours did you work on it?)


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Dear Friends, while i await the map from FerrisB i took some time to search for the unit names of the various countries.

I have found prepared Japans. Here there are, i hope you agree with them.

Empire of Japan


Hideki Tojo,Matsui Iwane,Jiro Minami,Kesago Nakajima,Toshizo Nishio,Yasuji Okamura.

The North China Area Army:

Mongolia Garrison Army consisting of:

26th Army

Independent Mixed Corps

Mongolian Cavalry Corps

1st Army - eastern part

12th Army - Soutwestern

6th Army

11th Army

23rd Army

The independent 13th Army

Southern Expeditionary Army Group Headquarters

The 14th Army was to take the Philippines.

The 16th Army was to take the Dutch East Indies.

The 15th Army was to take Thailand and Burma

The 25th Army was to take Malaya and Singapore.

Independent 3rd corps

Independent 9th corps

Independent 10th corps

The South Seas Force (also known as the Japanese Fourth Fleet) was formed to take Pacific Islands, such as the assault on Wake Island and the Gilbert Islands. It was also later used to attack the Australian territories of Papua and New Guinea.

South Seas Detachment – a combined army and naval unit, the infantry/assault component of the South Seas Force.

Independent divisions

3rd Army Air Force Division

5th Army Air Force Division was assigned to the attack on the Philippines.

Teishin Shudan ("Raiding Group", also known as the "1st Raiding Division", a parachute commando formation).

Kantogun army Elite veteran army in the Manchurian region headquartered in Canton


General Defense Headquarters

Eastern Army - HQ in Tokyo and responsible for Northeast Honshu.

Western Army - HQ in Fukuoka and responsible for Southwestern Honshu, Shikoku and the Ryukyu Islands.

Northern Army - HQ in Sapporo and covered Hokkaido and Northern Honshu.

Central Army - HQ in Osaka and responsible for central Honshu.

Chosen Army - HQ in Keijo and responsible for Korea.

Formosan Army - Hq in Taihoku and responsible for Formosa.

The Guards Divisional District Headquarters was located in Tokyo but it drew recruits form all over Japan.


IJN at time of Pearl Harbor Attack in December 1941:


4 Kongo - converted from battlecruisers. Built in 1913-1915.

2 Fuso - built 1915-1917

2 Ise - built 1917-1918

2 Nagato - built 1920-1921

1 Yamato 2 building

Aircraft Carriers

1 Shinano

1 Hosho built in 1922

1 Kaga (ex-battleship converted in 1928)

2 Hiryu built 1937-1939

2 Shokaku built 1941-still on trials and workup.

Akagi (ex-battlecruiser converted by 1927)

Ryujo completed 1933

(1)Shoho and Zuiho converting from oilers.

Heavy cruisers

2 Furutake built 1926-1927

2 Aoba built 1926-1927

4 Myoko built 1928-1929

4 Takao built 1932

4 Mogami built 1935-1937(2)

2 Tone built 1941


68 Fleet submarines

50 Ko-hyoteki class midget submarines


Total 1750 first line with 370 trainers

660 Fighters

330 Carrier based strike aircraft

240 twin engine bombers

Does anyone know what ratio should i use for the planes and submarines?

I have found also the names of the USA naval command at Pearl Harbor.

9 Battleships






West Virginia




3 Carriers

USS Enterprise

USS Lexinton

USS Saratoga

12 destoyers

2 armies

3 subs

These i found so far i will look more and i will be more than thankfull if you can contribute to it.


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The map is almost done. Africa is the only place that i need to input resources terrain and countries.

From the scripts i have removed the Siberian army the Pacific fleet, all the Egypt reinforcements from South Africa, Australia,India and New Zewland.

The Panama arrows are ready.

Japan,China, USSR, Mongolia, Burma, India, Italian-Ethiopian, South Arabia, Iran,Iraq armies have been placed.

Soon i will put France Indochina armies, Netherlands Phillipines armies, australian armies, New Zewland armies.

Some Convoy scripts have been changed.

Now i will work on the USA east-west connection.

Once i will finish the planning i will start with the AI scripts.I have deactivated France, England and Poland. While Germany is active in 1937, do not have the forces to make the Poland attack. One turn before 3/9/1939 Germany will take the needed units to start the Polish attack. By attacking Poland France and England declares war on Germany.

Here is a photo of Japans full might of naval power by 1937.



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