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  1. After a long long time away from my favourate game i returned. some may remember me from making the first Global map in SC2. Looking for someone to play. You can name the rules. Sidius
  2. Hello, what game do you have? i have SC2 basic with patch 1.8
  3. Dear fantomas, I do not think it is the Patch. The Editor is made to be custom in order to work with all versions of SC2. The only connection between the editor and the game is the text files of the scripts and the map that is created on version 1.06 The error you get when you load the map states that the map has more rows or cols than the max of the game can support.And this is not true. this is what worries me. I will also test it in windows XP enviroment in order to see what happens. I work under windows 2000 pro. Anyhow if this problem will remain i resently bought the Visual Studio 2
  4. Dear Fantomas i wanted just the first 5 lines not all of it. LOL the fisrts 2 lines are the dimentions of the map and the error you show me have to do with that. But it looks ok. OS is the Operating System, windows XP,2k,Millenium etc. and the service pack. The exe have been scanned and i can ensure no virus or what so ever nest inside the program file. Still await the others that have it to inform me about similar error. Fantomas try to rename the Map_data.txt to map_data.txt no capitals. I have made a lot of checks and not once do i get such an error. I will send by mail a new exe fil
  5. Can you write here the first 5 lines of the Map_data.txt file? Is this file the one i had with the attachment? What OS do you have? Can anyone else report the same error when he loads the Map? Sidius POA
  6. Ok Guys this is a small readme file just to get you started. Before starting the editor you need to do this. Make a copy of your campaign. Make sure that in this campgain folder you have atleast these 2 folders: Scripts and MapData. If you have update 1.6 and you export the map into text the Games editor will create the extra folder. If not you create it manualy and insert there the map_data.txt i have added into the email i have send. So by now you should have the below stracture of folders into your campaign folder: Scripts --AI ----Various AI orders --Events ----Various Event or
  7. Ok I have send the script the Testers are: Hubert,Fantomas,pzgndr and Normal Dude. We await their results. Christos Sideris
  8. Ok People i am back from the holiday vacations. I wish ALL of you marry Xmas and a HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR. Best wishes to all your families , Loved onces, Friends,cooliques best wishes and may the new year will be a year of happiness,invation,luck and more money and love and health to every one. And now the Editor. I am starting to send to the emails the editor. Make a copy of your campaign map anywhere in your Hard Drive. So You will have a folder that will contain the folder of scripts, bitmaps and the rest. Create a new folder there with the name MapData. There will be the export of the m
  9. Well Fantomas , i thought you had men protecting me. Today i had a small car accident but i am ok. My car only lost some color from one side. The other driver passed a red traffic light and hit my car in the rear part of my car. Thank God that Toyota here in Greece make great cars with great passive Security for the people inside. so beside the small shock i am ok and i report that i have inserted last night in the editor a Graphical Step by Step guide in the Editor so you will know what to do. So as you can see on the right part of the application there are some Red Labels and on top a
  10. Ok just a word about the editor. It is an Editor not a creator, atleast yet. this means that it edits already scripts. so if you create a new map it wil ltake the empty script files and show them to you. It will be up to the modder ,throught this Editor, to make his scripts. I will include 2 manuals into the editor. One will be the Editor manual and the other the scripting manual.Know that the editor will be exacly like the older one but with the addition of the clickable map, in order to help you in the commands of position. As the time will pass by new additions will be made based on the
  11. Ok Friends, The editor is almost done. some finalizations are being made. Right now the editor , loads all scripts from a given campaign folder. You can edit and add new commands. You can also add map positions from the clickable map. tha map have the following info, Tile (Sea or land) , resource of tile ( city,oil,capital,mines,port,fortress,defences, and finally country ownership). The only thing that wants a little fixing is the GUI of the program and a good Manual. I will ask several players to test it and provide feedback for it.I am working closely with Hubert in order to tune in th
  12. And as promished a new screenshot for you. More staff on monday and report about various issues. Christos Sideris
  13. Dear Fantomas , I do not believe i could work with the thing you propoce. But after talking with Hubert a very good solution was found and soon everything will be in order. Hubert you are Great. Hubert the Great. Soon i will send you some new screenshots. and a small info about the map. The map is a big Grid. the size is calculated by the initial size of the map based on the first two lines of the map data. Because the grid is handling squares and not diagonial tiles the map will be more like a square rather than rectagle. But the map possition will be the same. On the map you will see in
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