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Hi Sidius,

may I ask you that I can have the map too? I'm new to this forum but played these games now for many years. What I red here in this post about your map sounds very interesting to me. I also have a very good pc so I don't expect any performance problems with your map. Also I'm interested in the WW2 stuff and know the history from the german side quite good. I'd also wrote and of course red different novels about some "What-If" constellations in the second world war. But I also have to say, that I'm not familiar in writing scripts for SC2. But I'm currently very interesting in to do that to implement some "What-If" Scenarios to the game. By the way, when we all talk about a world map which will cover all situations into the second world war we must talk about the start date of the game. Why the game shouldn't start with peace with England and France - let's say we start a game from 1936 with the revolution in spain? Would that scenario be convertible somehow in the game?

That's all for now. Hope you'll join me in the test team?



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Dear Wuestenfuchs, thank you for your comments. the think is that at least two major powers must be at war when the game starts.

The war starts at the end of 1937 with the attack of Japan to China. England is at war with Germany but i have lowered the units of both Germany and England in order for them to need time to make them fully powered. The tests show that by the year 1939 they will have the power to start offencive war.

Is your email generalfeldmarshall_rommel@yahoo.de so i can send yo uthe map and test it?

Christos Sideris

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Hello Christos,

I played the map with a friend.

Our opinion:

- GREAT map (finally a real worldmap)


- far too many resources

- the pacific naval forces are too many (1/2 for both would be better)

- Japan is far too powerful

- Germany too (not as overpowered as J but still too strong)

- a "houserule" for Japanese aircrafts is necessary

- "home builds" is necessary

the reasons:

- resources

after Japan has taken China & Burma they get 700 mpp (USA/Germay/GB together) - there`s no way to ever stop them with that cashflow - in 1940 all naval units were FULL upgraded + several subs bought (lv2)- no chance for USA navy

the resources in China/Burma go up to 8 if conquered by Japan (8 mines in China - the same will happen if they get the Russian mines)

- naval OOB

too many units, no real movement possible as no one dares to move single ships/subs - we only moved "groups" (10-20 units!)

the Japanese Navy is so powerfull that it could challenge the USNavy/RN/Kriegsmarine together!

- Japan

Japan`s land units are too many - Russia wouldn`t be able to stop them even without fighting against Germany & Japan has so much mpps that they can afford 2 equiped tanks/planes or 3 armys every turn (1940)

- Germany can build up its army (+ research) by spring `38 so they can invade France (no chance for France to build up its army) - my friens invaded Poland in summer `38 with the "original OOB" & invaded France in spring `39 with additional tech&troops!

- house rule Japanese aircraft

You could operate them to Germany in turn 1 and start "conquering Europe" in `37 - 5 experienced aircraft + 2-3 (?) bombers - with this you can beat EVERYTHING in `37

- home builds

should be "standard" in every game (IMHO), it can`t be that Japan can put new units to a recently conquered city in India!

Overall it seems that the "pacific OOBs" have an other scale than the the "european OOBs" - 3-5 times maybe (Japan has a 4 times bigger army than Germany?)

Of course: all above is just our opinion, what`s the opinion of the other tester?


BTW: Congratulations, hope you enjoyed the "holiday" smile.gif

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Dear FerrisB,

I took your notes underconcideration and have made some changes i would like you to talk about.

I have made home build to all major countries.

The Resources have been greatly lowered.

If any Japan unit will ever land on Europe USSR will declare war on the Axis.

The naval forces of the pacific have been greatly diminished.

If France is attacked and Poland is not surrendered then the USA declares war on the Axis.

These are the first part of the changes. FerrisB i will send you the new update. I hope you can make another game with your friend and give me more feedback.

To all the rest please send me your emails so i can send you the newest version.

Christos Sideris

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Ugh, I think the picture looks great, but...

Mussolini was also an important part in europe during the second world war. Remember the balkan war in 1940 when italian forces crashed in northern greece and fail to take athens and so an important supply station for the allied mediteranean fleet. What if Mussolini has won that campaign? Maybe the italians could had won the african campaign late 1941 and got out the commonwealth troops out of that area? Okay, this scenario seems to be very unlikely but of course this could happen...

Another scenario with italian involvement is that large parts of the italian naval forces were able to assist the german wehrmacht in operation sealion in spring 1941 to beat england?

I don't like the removement of italy as a super power in this game. So why don't write an email to the programmers of strategic command 2 that they will make a sixth major party available in the game. This couldn't be so hard to realize into the game, isn't it?


P.S. Sideris, yes my mail address is generalfeldmarshall_rommel@yahoo.de

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greetings, i will be pleased to play your scenario and maybe make my own aproach to global theater of war, if isn't much work i will like if you can send me the scenario, can play it and see how it works, i don't understand why not make it release to public, i give my e-mail and awaiting forward to see if you can send the scenario for me, thanks you in advance,

with regards,


e-mail... marhault888@hotmail.com

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Dear Wüstenfuchs ,

I never said that Italy didn't play a vital role in the events we call World War 2.

I am from Greece and i have to say that Italy never reached more than 100 klm inside Greek soil. They were pushed back and thrown into the Andriatic Sea. They may wanted to reach Athens but that would been like wanting to capture New York. :)

But you are right Italy should be in , so i will make a new picture with Italy inside as well.

Now another friend asked why i do not make it public. that the idea. Thats why i made this mod in order for eveyrone to have it. But i need to fix it, to make it playable both in human vs Computer and Human vs Human. That is why some people get it in order to test it and report about bugs. Every feedback i get the map is getting better and better. But if this is what the people want i will make it public as an beta version and after the rest of the of the feedback from all of you make it a final version.

Now some info about the changes.

As i stated Japans and USA's naval forces have been lowered.

Resources in the Manchurian lands and ports have been removed.

Moves that will change greatly the mail streem of history like Japan forces on Europe will be linked with major chnage of mind discitions on the side of the other countries. If Japan will send any unit to Germany , USSR will concider it as a hostile move , mainly because of the Russian-Japan war eirlier in history and wil ldeclare war on the Axis.

If Germany will attack France before taking Poland first will cause USA to join the allies right away.

I am working for a way to cut USSR in two incase Germany will reach and take the last town close to the Urals. so letting the rest of USSR armies on the east to fight Japan. Do anyone know how to make a script that will make USSR soil turn to Germany in case a set of cities is captured? I thought of making USSR surender like France. But this will bother us a lot espesially if Japan is doing great onb the other side of the globe.

If you know please advice.

In about an hour i will have the new update of the Main screen.

Christos Sideris

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amazing and awesome work, very good map and play balance, one of the better mods available at this time, thanks very much for that very good contribution to SC2 community,

with best regards,


i will work on my own version, if you like to have it i will send you when ready, the main problem is i are working in other projects and can take some time to make ready my own version.

hope to see you later.

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Dont know if its a resolutuion problem or not but while entering the propaganda screen all the countries dont fit in the list and the ones that dont get in cant be pursuaded untill you have nailed some countries and the list has shrinked.

Got some questions aswell i got from playing it a few turns, what are the conditions for the surrender of china?

Seems to me you will be ready to hit poland way before 39 am i wrong on this one? some event occurs if you do it?

With this early start and quite decent with cash it seems sci costs should be upped alot or you will have maxed levels quite early.

Perhaps the same with unit costs but dont think that is equally relevant as it will be the same for bots sides. I know sci will be the same aswell but it would be more interesting if it reached max later in the war.

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Dear Friends,

First of all i would like to thank you all for your words and the time you used in order to download and play the mod i made.

Once more i would like to point out that the Japan units we used by a stoped mod some friend made. I refined them , and made them payable since it was only a photo by J&J .

I do not want to take the credit for the work of someone else.

Also i have seen the problem on the diplomacy menu.

Although i made the menu bigger, any country that is not in the area of the original menu bitmaps can't be chosen. I hope that the new update wil lsolve this problem cause i can't find another way.

Reply to the people now.

China surrenders when she looses two cities Beijine and Yumen. Ofcource if Japan will come closer to Yumen it will make USA and USSR to react and lead to further come closer to war.

So the axis player will have to make a choice either go for Yumen and be ready to face the wrath of both USSR and USA , or be content with the lands of china he will have. do not forget that actualy Japan never conquered the whole China.

Now about the 2 japanise generals Yama****a and Yamamoto. I have made changes and i have inserted Yamashira to command the forces of Japan at Indonasia. Yamamoto although a great Naval commander his abilities were only at the sea. Not to mention his death at 1943. So it hurt me to leave out such a man but he didn't play a vital roll in the land battles of Japan during world war 2.

I am trying ways to prevent an early attack on Poland, but the fact that no script with start and end day of check of conditions prevents me from that.

It will be great if there will two new kind of scripts in the new update. One will have to do with land change according to city taken. The second conditions that are checked between dates. eg Start at 1/1/1937 , End at 1/1/1939. This way you can make scripts that will prevent a country to attack another , with the fear of having to face or change the diplomatic community of the world. Also a great think would be arrows for the land as well.

If any friend will need any help in his mod i will be more than happy to help him , or he is more than welcome to take parts of my mod and use it in his own.

Soon according to your feedback i will have the new update of the map.

Also a mass change into the Axis scripts will be made. It is true that i have mainly oriented the mod for the Axis point of view. also need feedback by playing the allies.

With respect

Christos Sideris

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"Ofcource if Japan will come closer to Yumen it will make USA and USSR to react and lead to further come closer to war.

So the axis player will have to make a choice either go for Yumen and be ready to face the wrath of both USSR and USA , or be content with the lands of china he will have"

Dont know if im following you correctly here but i took china and none of them entered the war but perhaps you just meant a increase in readyness?

Game seems inbalanced to me now, after taking china japan had can for everything, sci units you name it. since the science is cheap i had max slots in quite early took a while longer with germany. Anyway got some nice techs mainly longrange as i started with 5 slots in that, proceeded to take entire asia with japan and also took iran and saudiarabia before in summer 1940 so japan where pulling in 1100 mpps per turn.. couldnt use that much,

The germans: invaded polen in 38 i think with tanks lvl 3 and IW 2 Moto 2 then took france before 39 i think. but had to sit tight since russians got a little angry since i took iran with japan.

Rolled up the tanks to russian border and attacked them in 1940 walkover... japaneese border where littered with units at this point aswell.

Ok its against a comp but the mainproblem as i see it here is you get science to fast and to cheap for this timeframe. Make it 5-10 times more expensive would spread it out over time more and suit this mod better. Also it would mean you were forced to make a choise between sci and units and repairs as it should be.. same with propaganda increase the price on it.

Resources should perhaps be taken down in asia or giva japan a crappy industrial modifier from start.

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another way to adress mmp axis supremacy is give usa and russia a start readyness of 50 or more, but trough scripts limit the increase of readyness for these nations adressing the change in initial readyness, they can collect much mmp and play balance lies so unhurt, i think aside it's obvius point but want to share it, too can give 50 percent readyness and fixed war entry, well, if poland and france wars goes early, so must be usa and russia entry on war status,

with best regards,


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