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  1. best greetings, i guess is a completely different campaign for the SC world war I engine, i want to mean that the stock campaigns are for world war I, there are two mods on the repository, one for world war 2, full war (with pacific theater) and another for european theater, world war 2, the add-on campaign will be about world war 2 too, but with the scripts for the scenario from the development team, that allways are the better/best in all subjects/scenarios/themes, all it making i think, the Strategic Command World War I game/engine the best of the series and perfect choice for gamers that l
  2. yes, it helps, perfect information and advice about what i was asking for, thanks for the repply, and the workaround, and yes, i almost give some extra National Morale to all the nations from start, i was also asking about it for modders to know it, as is an added variable to each scenario made in, best of luck with the settings on the upcoming campaign and have my best regards, the thing i like the most from official scenarios is the very good work with the scripts that the development team do, best regards, Alarick.
  3. best greetings, i just want to ask about if national morale is hard-coded, in example, if a scenario or mod dont have any National Morale Scripts, the units of each nation will suffer from a reduced from start NM?, i just want to know how that good feature works and how i have to adress it on my possible mods, thanks in advance for any and all advice/info, with best regards, Alarick.
  4. thanks for the info and advice, i found it better this way, i think we still have the surrender fixed just when a % of the units are still alive, also, national morale, whatever it hits units' morale will still be a determinant factor in the game. i prefer the total conquest setting for a world war 2 scenario, i want to mean, thanks again for the info and the fast repply and with best regards, Alarick.
  5. best greetings, thanks you and the development team, in advance, of course, for make the perfect scenario for culminate, to date, the already good outstanding Strategic Command Series, , just two things make me to worry, well, first, national morale or strategic will of russia, being a really big nation in territory and what damage will/may do the germans by turn to russia national morale, reaching near the leningrad-moscow-rostov axis of front (will be difficult to balance for all world war 2 games i can remember), and the d-day, once france is knock out, the AI opponent will have a diffic
  6. best greetings, please excuse and i apologize is if not right to name other games, or about them, but i think, from an overall perspective, this will be the better european theater, turn based strategy game, with events, and scripts, potential mods, and all things all other european theater missed out, i mean, this game, aside being a very good first world war engine, also, may become the ultimate european theater game, almost all veterans may/will have his "dream" game [with edit tools] on world war 2 theater, thanks of course to all the team for all the work set on this add-on, also, i will
  7. best greetings, you have 4x license each game, maybe Moon can say about purchasing, single, extra licenses, world war I engine have also a new system, you cannot un-license once one license is applyed, so, if you format the computer, the license will be gone, added, each 365 days there are a +1 license increase to the starting 4 available, hope it helps and with best regards, Alarick.
  8. greetings, thanks for the info and advice, i just finished now updating the scripts 1.1 with the 1.0 map, works near perfect, just lubljana should be a city (from town in 1.0) and one tile from hungary was giving an error until i change it to yugoslavia, again, thanks for the mod and best regards, Alarick.
  9. best greetings, Cantona66, please, i have only one question, i made my own version, without research and change setups of forces, so, my question is if that version may work if i just take on it the scripts? (no change my campaign file for the new build, i want to mean), i are on my way to do it, but just i want a confirmation of it from you, anyway in my opinion is a great mod, and thanks for made it, once seen it, one can see you put much work doing this mod, thanks again and best regards, Alarick
  10. best regards and thanks you for making the scenario and mod available, i are going to download and test it with my favorite settings (national stats advantage and no research-full upgrade units upon purchase, [for AI opponent play]), if i find some bug i will advice about it, thanks again and with best regards, Alarick.
  11. best greetings, i see no one named the movie of the movies from world war I, i guess... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paths_of_Glory that movie is the perfect example of where can reach the "human being" at war. best regards, Alarick.
  12. best greetings and thanks you and thumbs up to the development team for the extra work on this scenario/add-on, the more i read from it and with the screenshot on poland i are waiting it without patience as i know it will be the best european theater of operations available to date for we, wargamers, cannot easily wait to play it and work on some mod with it, again, thanks for the extra work and labor the team are sending to this extra add-on, have my best regards, Alarick.
  13. best greetings, please take care about the /script/AI/Purchase , one of the scripts for russia (Nation 8) is with tag for nation 4 (Polen) and is not working, making russia to purchase much less on 1939 to 1940, is all, not seen any other bug, and once you know bulgaria and maybe yugoslavia is biased to russia instead of western allies you may not attack them as axis until at war with russia, not major issues i guess, best of luck with the mod and have my best regards, Alarick.
  14. best greetings and thanks for the mod, Amadeus, take care that there are some bugs, i tryed it by two days, and find fine to talk about the bugs i have found, 1/ Frostress units... you cannot un-attach them from HeadQuarters units 2/ as Germany, you can declare war on bulgaria, but are not allowed to invade it, same for the baltic state that becomes active related to events, you cannot invade them, i think the bug is the fact these nations go under russia mandate, and so, if you are not at war with russia you cannot invade them. 3/ when i invade netherlands as Germany, one infantry re
  15. ... best greetings, i have few time to post and i apologize in advance, for my bad english and if what i are about to say has been said before... 1 - to mitigate casualties effect on National Morale i think a way may be to set the NM loss directly on casualty differential, in example, attacker get 2 step losses, defender get 1 step loss, i just want to mean, that, instead of taking all 3 steps on NM drain, just hit attacker (in the example given), by one NM "factor" (2-1) this will make longer campaigns. 2 - to the development team, i just pledge about dont get rid from NM factor, i pledge
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