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  1. greetings, a format disk erase and delete all registry keys, etc, do not format before unlicense, for unlicense, and is a way to see what number of licenses used, do not use the shorcuts for access to the game engine, go to programs groups and seek for "battlefront-group", and each game engine, SC2, WaW and PDE have an option to "unlicense" just straight of "unistall", added in, also in core install dir there are a .txt file named under "receipt", it list each license use as 1/2 or 2/2, note/extra... a off-line license package is both files in the same dir, the request and the license .txt
  2. greetings, i have same problem, some operative system application and/or security are block-ing the elince, a way is to go to "all programs", all games give an option to unlicense, you can unlicense from there and then, for reinstall elicense just run-click on "game".exe and will be prompted for license the game, for me, i am working on taking "offline licenses" for all titles and then i do not have to use 1/2 of the elicense active at no-one moment, no-one is free of a computer crash and i guess that offline licenses do not count towards the two "2" max. regular licenses, for me it is working
  3. well, do some research and playing test, not sure for almost sure that are the destroyer units that it caused the error, i are working on a "fixed" own mod at base taken the good-outstanding "adv Third Reich" mod by [pzgren.], the case is that i do test with destroyer units at first and have the given error on first turn, sure some destroyer unit attacking axis sub on the north atlantic, but until it is fixed i must advice that the solution "temporal" is to disable all destroyer units and make a "temporal" variant without destroyer units, of course "hard build limits" are a must to prevent the
  4. exactly same problem for me, it repeat every time i go to the computer opponent turn, hope may be fixed or to have some solution early, WaW although is an awesome expansion, nearly a new complete game given the freedom to the player with all the options, maybe will try some game without computer opponent meanwhile this is solved, thanks in advance for any and all advice, best regards, and thanks for this good-outstanding game
  5. only a question, if you can help me, it is neccesary to both players to have a given scenario to play on pbem or tcp/ip, question is because i do have a modified scenario for a mod, "europa en llamas", by Jaimain, and situation is that i will like to play it but cannot send copies of it as i realize it is the hard work of Jaimian, so i will like to play other people but without sharing the modified campaign, maybe make contact will Jaimian will be a option, but it can take time and can put original designer in trouble, maybe, all helping will be appreciated, thanks in advance, with best reg
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