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CMBB sudden bug ?!?

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It looks like CMBB on my computer has become crazy : I can't play TCP/IP anymore since I've got an unhandled exception each time the "red bar" file transfer reaches its end ... AAArgh :eek: :mad:

And now, I can't uninstall the game on my computer ! "The install.log file can't be opened"

Now I'm a PBEM's prisoner ! This game plays with me :mad: :mad: :mad: :D

Any solution ???


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So you're getting a crash right near the very end of transferring data to your opponent in a TCP/IP match ? Does this happen with the very first transfer or at a later point in the game after several data transfers have already taken place ?

It's possible that it is the game file that is corrupt in some manner, though I would usually assume that the receiving player would get the crash rather than the one sending the data (the little 'ping' error sound when the data is corrupt). What does your opponent tell you when the crash occurs (i.e. - what do they see - a crashing of CMBB too, possibly without the Unhandled Exception) ?

With an Unhandled Exception there might be something else going wrong here other than CMBB having corrupted data. How up-to-date is your network driver ? Do you know what your network interface is (i.e. - VIA Rhine, Nvidia, 3Com, Marvell, Intel, etc.). However it would seem strange that a simple network driver would cause a problem like this seemingly out of nowhere when things have possibly worked fine before.

Do you have anything else running in the background while you're playing a CMBB TCP/IP session, such as an Instant Messaging client, anti-virus software or something else that may be communicating over the network at the same time ?

Uninstalling the BFC version of the game doesn't really need an installer. You can simply delete the CMBB folder in the C:/Program Files folder. However just simply doing this will also delete any mods, PBEMs and scenarios you may have saved in there too (files which you can copy out if you so desire). You can also rename this directory and reinstall a fresh copy. If this is the CDV/Retail version, then uninstalling might be slightly more problematic, but the same thing could be done (though the directory won't simply just be CMBB in the Program Files folder).

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It happened at the 18th turn! We played one turn in PBEM, we tried in IP then it crashed again.

Despite the fact that I hosted, I was the recieving opponent and I had the little "ping" error ... My opponent had CMBB crashing too, but I don't know if he had the same error window.

I don't what network interface I have. I know I had nothing esle running while I was playing CMBB.

Moreover, the reinstall I made changed nothing ...

I think I should try an "IP test", another game in IP to see if it's with my save or precisely with CMBB's IP system.


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