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  1. No. In fact we simply resumed this game some days after beginning it. Then it crashed.
  2. It happened at the 18th turn! We played one turn in PBEM, we tried in IP then it crashed again. Despite the fact that I hosted, I was the recieving opponent and I had the little "ping" error ... My opponent had CMBB crashing too, but I don't know if he had the same error window. I don't what network interface I have. I know I had nothing esle running while I was playing CMBB. Moreover, the reinstall I made changed nothing ... I think I should try an "IP test", another game in IP to see if it's with my save or precisely with CMBB's IP system. Paulus
  3. It looks like this problem is related with the game file I am playing. I think I'll continue with PBEMs ... :mad: Paulus PS : The links were useful, but I read no one ever succeeded to solve the problem :mad: :mad: Thanks anyway
  4. Hi, It looks like CMBB on my computer has become crazy : I can't play TCP/IP anymore since I've got an unhandled exception each time the "red bar" file transfer reaches its end ... AAArgh :eek: :mad: And now, I can't uninstall the game on my computer ! "The install.log file can't be opened" Now I'm a PBEM's prisoner ! This game plays with me :mad: :mad: :mad: Any solution ??? Paulus
  5. I won a major victory with the Brits against a "regular" (experienced)human player, seeing great heroïsm of my men. My opponent never succeeded to get troops even in the first houses of the village. So unbalanced ? I don't think so. Paulus
  6. Alright, for my case, here is the solution I found (for a Netgear WGT624 router) First, go to the server's adress (for instance Then, in advanced settings click on Port Forwarding/Triggering. Open port 7023 in both forwarding and triggering options, for TCP mode. After that, I suggest you to reboot your computer Last, but not least, try this adress http://redwolf.dyndns.org/whatismyrealip/whatisyourip.cgi It will give the TRUE requested IP for your opponent to join your computer. Moreover there is a link just above to see if your port 7023 is open. This IP adress
  7. Problem solved !!! Thanks much ! Paulus
  8. Hi, Since I have a router installed in my house I cannot host anymore. CM troubleshooting guide instructions didn't succeeded to solve this problem ... This problem surely concers many people and I hope there is a solution ... Any idea ? Paulus
  9. I am particularly amazed by the second link ... That's impressive ! It provides a sufficient zooming system to accurately see each road, path, houses or fields ... Thanks for your help 1stUkr.Front ! Maybe the last time I ask for mapping resources ? (no, it's impossible by nature ...) As Sergei said, roads and even villages in Egypt, Lybia, Ex-USSR and Finland rarely changed since the war, at least in rural areas. Thanks again, Paulus
  10. With the amout of scenarios made in the Egyptian desert, there will be surely somebody who can send me Egyptian maps covering the whole sector of El Alamein, to recreate the incredible story of a 19 year-old german soldier who earned the knight's cross after destroying 9 enemy tanks in a single battle. He was the youngest man to recieve that award. Thanks by advance, Paulus
  11. I agree with Sivodsi. Despite modding those vehicles, no winter camou appears. That is also true for the early StuH.
  12. That's not the true reason Panzerman. After June 1940 there were hundreds of S-35 Somua but hey were belonging to the Vichy Army. French only used "captured" heavy weapons to the Vichy government, who still had a lot of Somua especially, in 1941 and 1942 (obviously in Syria and North Africa)
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