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Stumped - 30.xx drivers not working with my new Nvidia card

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This is almost comical. The 30.xx drivers do not work with my brand spanking new Geforce4 ti4800SE card. I'm gutted. Especially as I bought this card especially for CM. I'm having to use the 41.09's which although not perfect by any means do at least work. What do I do now? Can I expect to ever play CMBB properly again unless I downgrade my kit?? I have a feeling the 30.xx drivers just don't support the 4800 series of cards, so it basically doesn't install them. I've got much the same problem with my Toshiba. It's so frustrating. Please advise.

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Since the 4800's are new, you may be stuck with the 41.09's. I'm not sure which Detonator version is the first to support the 4800's. There might be hacks around this (to use older files with the newer .INFs, etc.), but I'm not aware of any particular ones.

This is the problem that some people have hinted at during recent driver discussions on the board. Newer hardware is going to require the latest drivers, which aren't supporting all of CM's DirectX calls properly. The only solution in such a case is having the video driver developers address the bugs in some future driver release. While there are workarounds that you're aware of, they obviously don't address the problems completely.

As for your laptop, I'm not sure why the 30.82's don't work with it. I believe that the 30.xx and later drivers support the entire Go family of GeForces. There's a possibility that some laptops might have problems with the Reference Drivers, but that should be pretty rare nowadays.

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Thanks guys really appreciate it.

The 41.09's do work fine, if you're prepared to turn off AA. For any form of AA enabled you have to flick back to desktop and back a couple of times. It's worth the hassle, it looks gorgeous. But it would be very good to know that the new driver revision might fully support things. As a matter of interest, do you know about the new 43.00 driver revision that was released fairly recently? I don't dare try them.

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