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Graphic text abnormalities

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During gameplay, where the boxes for unit name, time, terrain unit is in, morale, and unit status are displayed, all will display the same thing, such as time left, or maybe all will display what scenario it is.

If I lock onto a unit, it will say "Unit locked" at the top of the screen as usual but then it will be repeated 2 or 3 times simultaneously above or below the original "Unit locked," or it may just say unit locked in all of the previously mentioned boxes. Also, if I want to exit the game, both option boxes will say "no" although where "yes" should be you can see the "s" in "yes" peaking out from behind "no"

Besides these text abnormalities everything works great, but it makes the game nearly impossible to play because you never know how many men are alive in a squad, their morale, status, what turn it is, etc.

Here is my system:

Combat mission ver 1.12 (same problem all versions of CM)

AMD athlon 1000

Via KT133a mobo (latest 4in1 driver and bios installed)

Hercules 3d prophet 64MB (latest driver, but same problem with any version driver)

Win 98 (updated through Windows update page)

512 MB ram

Soundblaster Live! (has nothing to do with problem)

30gig HD 7200rpm 25Mb free

DirectX 8.0

Any help would be sooooo gladly appreciated!

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[ 07-04-2001: Message edited by: Oasis ]

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I disabled the Full Scene Anti-Aliasing, but it didn't solve the problem.

The Hercules 3d prophet is not based on the nVidia chipset so it does not use nVidia drivers. Instead, it uses the Kyro II chipset, of which I have the latest driver.

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The Hercules 3D Prophet line is actually based on the NVidia chipset. As an exception to this the 3D Prophet 4500 is based on the KyroII chipset. The following thread should hopefully provide a fix for you. Read ALL of it, since there are some different suggestions:


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Yeah, the problem you have is specific to the kyro II; I had the same problem with my Hercules 3D Prophet 4500. Slider's kludge works well, except that if I exit the game for any reason and re-enter it, the screen is very flickery and illegible. As long as you don't flip between CM and other applications, however, it works just fine. Hopefully the next driver set for the Kyro II will have better compatibility. I've heard the people at Black Isle Studios say that the current Kyro II drivers are pretty lousy, so hopefull somebody is working on a better set. :rolleyes:

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I am now using the latest Hecules 114 drivers and DirectX 8.1 (beta), and have the exact same graphics problems with the exact same fixes.

Strangely enough, although escaping from the game and returning causes weird flashing graphics, taking a screen-capture does not reproduce the problem.

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