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New WWII RTS game Theatre of War announced

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You guys crack us up, you know that. I have seen dozens of guesses about the big announcement we mentioned and each one more ridiculous than the next.

WWII RTS, Wartime Command, Theatre of War... Wow, that's some leap of faith to think little old Battlefront could secure a big name title like that...

Guess what?

WE DID!!!!

People, this game is HUGE, and we are totally psyched about the chance to help finally bring it to market. We have been totally blown away by this game and when I demoed it last weekend at CMVention IV held in Myrtle Beach, it was the hit of the show, to say the least.

In the coming days and weeks we have TONS of content to release for this game. More screenshots (I already posted nearly 200 all new shots which should keep you busy), Gameplay videos (I also uploaded one today but will have many more once I figure out how to optimize FRAPS a little better), After Actions Reports, Beta Tester opinions, interviews, vehicle and units list (you won't be disappointed...well some of you will, but we can't help that), Gameplay overviews, moding info, Articles about the game style and how it compares and compliments Combat Mission and much much more!

Moon wasn't lying when he said this announcement is of Mega-Uber-Importance. Not just for you the gaming community, but for us as a publisher. This game simply wows people wherever and whenever they see it and Battlefront is honored and privileged to be publishing it.

Speaking for myself, I can't rave about this one enough. Sure, I have to kind of rave about every game we release, but this is just me and you guys here on the forum and I promise you, this game is amazing. If I am wrong, I will happily drink my own warm glass of shut the hell up!

Yes, I believe in this project THAT much.

So without further ado... I present to you....



Theatre Of War website

All screenshots are taken in-game on either My or Moons computer. Nothing pre-rendered at all. Video was captured using FRAPS, but I don't know what they hell I was doing so the quality and playback speed ain't the best... I'll get better at it, trust me...


(Kwazydog : Fixed Matts typo in web address smile.gif )

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It look's like it is very well done!. Superb detail & realism!.

Still, i am very partial to Operational/Strategic games,...so on that basis alone,...i regret that i personally would not be interested in this game,...even though it look's like a 'Masterpiece'!.

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'Multiplayer support (Internet/LAN) '

WOW!!! I just can't wait to see Rambo wondering what's wrong with his Sherman gun shells keeping bouncing off Yoda's Tiger 'omg, game is bunta biased' :D:D:D

Nice pics guys, hope this turns out to be THE ww2 rts we've been dreaming of.

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you guys should of announced the convention earlier, I live close to Myrtle tongue.gif

by the way watch the trailer for this game, it's nutz! best ww2 trailer of seen so far!

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