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  1. I don't see why the issue is so complicated, Steve. You already have a code for tank crews automatically buttoning up. Commanders are head out the hatch with Open Up and will use their M2 unless ordered to button up or the automatic behaviour kicks in. Other vehicles (Stryker) automatically unbutton to load the depleted roof MG in certain situations deemed safe (they don't do it under fire, correct?). Hence, the following: Loaders too should man their MG when Open Up, like commanders do, and automatically button up when the commanders do or when the main gun is engaged. This is a really simple change and in line with what 76mm wrote above. Commanders and loaders should automatically unbutton to load the roof machineguns when the condition to stay buttoned up* is not met, like the Strykers do. This is safer in WeGo than having to unbutton for a whole minute. * Ideally that would be what I wrote earlier, ie. check for enemies in LOS and vehicle taking fire, if either is true stay shut. What is the Stryker behaviour?
  2. Dynamic campaigns are ages better than linear scenarios. I always tend to lose interest in linear campaigns before I play them through, because there's no feel of anything you do making any difference. The only exception is probably C&C, and only because of the human acting in between missions that actually make the plot interesting.
  3. Every community needs its village idiot, I suppose..
  4. While that is true, what's more relevant is that Sparky has, according to all evidence, never been shot at or never been anywhere near a combat zone. Sparky has been found giving various, mutually exclusive credentials for himself, including deployments that squarely conflict with his self-proclaimed date of birth. When asked about his service record, he either goes mental, ignores the question completely or gives one of his many randomly chosen false records. What's really scary is that he really is an active-duty soldier in the US military, and a 2nd Lieutenant no less. To date all evidence seems to point that he got kicked out of the Marines (Egomaniac Narcissists!) after a brief service, after which he iirc got into ROTC and graduated as 2Lt. That was, again iirc, some time in the early 90s, and he still holds that rank today - go figure. Presently he appears to be in the job of packing parachutes somewhere (Airborne!).
  5. Sparky, who also goes by various internet aliases, including one female one, thinks, among other things, that US troops today should carry a Soviet SKS automatic rifle - the predecessor to AK-47 - as a backup to US weapons, because it can be reloaded from WWII-style stripper clips. Apparently in his imaginary world stripper clips are as common as mushrooms on an LSD trip. He thinks that the US is losing in Iraq solely because the M113 is not called the "Gavin" and because those are not used in place of superior vehicles. "Gavin" is his solution to everything. If you need to make pigs fly, you can do it with a "Gavin". He holds that the US military doesn't use the "Gavin" for everything because they, or rather more specifically the Marines, are "egomaniac narcissists" who want to be heroic riding into combat in inferior vehicles instead of the All-Mighty Gavin. He also thinks that bicycles are great for cross-country mobility in snow and mud, and generally everywhere else but roads, and that every paratrooper should jump with one strapped to his chest. Yes, a bicycle. He also thinks that this is the future of warfare, jumping out of planes with bicycles and "Gavins". Finally, one of Sparky's "Tactical Studies Group" website loudly proclaims how we, as in humanity, have been infiltrated by Aliens and they will one day take over and make us their sex-slaves, or something. And he is as serious about it as he is about calling the M113 "Gavin", which is to say that he'd rather shoot himself in the head with an SKS before he gave it up. He's a blatant lunatic, and reading combatreform.com is a good idea if you are into having yourself lobotomized and intellectually castrated. In short, Sparky is the village idiot of the internet military community.
  6. I thought it's been explained many times now that it's the job of the loader to man the mg when he's not loading the main gun or the tank is not sealed shut for other reasons. Specifically there's absolutely no reason for the loader to *not* man the mg when the vehicle is "OPEN UP".
  7. You maintain the loader should not man the 240 and not reload it when necessary even when the main gun or coax are not being engaged? That is his second most important task at all times! If he's not loading the main gun, he's up manning his MG and watching out for threats with his own eyes. He has no reason to stand uselessly under a closed hatch unless the vehicle is specifically covering from incoming fire or from NBC threats. Likewise the commander has no excuse not to reload his MG when not engaging or not being engaged. If there's a lull in the battle it is the first duty of all crewmembers to make themselves and the vehicle ready to continue the fight. That includes reloading whatever armament has been emptied.
  8. I don't know if that's the case in CM, but sabot rounds should be effective against infantry in buildings as well. APFSDS punching through a concrete wall will send all kinds of nasty **** flying around the room, enough to give anyone inside a really bad day. HEAT is of course even more effective, but the game should permit the use of sabot rounds as well if other ammunition is out, at least if the buildings are manually targeted. If it doesn't already that is, haven't tested. Other than preference for HEAT, sabot rounds aren't usually used in built-up areas because they'll penetrate the target building and anything that's behind it as well, so they aren't exactly collateral damage safe.
  9. If the loader gets it, the gunner takes his place. You need to keep loading the main gun AND the coax to keep the tank in the fight. The TC can assume the role of the gunner, but because he also needs to keep commanding the tank, he will take over the gunner's controls from his own position. His ability to aim the main gun is slightly reduced, but he can control the turret and the .50 from the TC position. Not sure if that is possible in M1A1, but it is in M1A2.
  10. I would disagree, simply judging from all the footage from Iraq even during the 2003 war. You have plenty of videos in YouTube showing commanders and loaders actively engaging with their MGs. From my training I can say that the TC's primary job is to keep good situational awareness and command over his unit. That requires sticking your head out the hatch. If the vehicle is taking fire, then you'd button up, but you unbutton as soon as you break contact. While the TC is unbuttoned and the gunner is not engaging with the main gun, then the loader is unbuttoned too and manning the 240. When out of contact / when not under heavy fire it's the job of the TC and loader to secure the flanks with the MGs while the gunner secures his sector with the main armament. Likewise the crew should take the first opportunity to load the MGs. I don't see why. Two simple rules for the TacAI: 1) the vehicle is not taking fire, 2) the vehicle has no enemies in LOS. If those conditions are met then the TacAI is safe to unbutton to load the guns if they are empty. Then button back up after reloading if that was the selected state prior. If the prior state was "open up", then only rule 1 should be used to trigger buttoning up. If the vehicles main systems require unbuttoning to be used, like with the Stryker, then you can have those vehicles ignore rule 2. This behaviour should be standard for all vehicles, and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't. As it is many vehicles button up way too hastily just having seen an enemy, even when they require being unbuttoned to use their main systems. On the other hand other vehicles are too hesitant to open up when out of contact. Using the two simple rules above solves both issues, and the logic would be same for all vehicles. It's a simple solution, and unless you can point out some flaw I don't see anything wrong with it. Cheers.
  11. You are picking the game up at a good time. CMSF in 1.08 has reached a very playable and enjoyable state.
  12. I'd appreciate if BFC didn't override US Army logic with their own. If the vehicle hasn't been ordered to button up and the vehicle is not engaging with its main gun, the loader should stay "topside" and man the machinegun. Likewise if either roof machinegun is empty and the vehicle is not engaging or is not immediately threatened, the crew should automatically reload the machineguns. That's standard procedure, and is the only logic that can be logically expected. You may have a different logic, but how should be players be able to anticipate what that is? Especially since you don't apply the same logic to all vehicles. Either have automated crew behaviour in all vehicles or none. This "some vehicles are automated, some are not" is confusing to the player, especially when there is no GUI input about which vehicle follows which logic.
  13. And yet it is the job of the loader and, in the Abrams, the TC to cover the flanks of their vehicle with their MGs. See YouTube videos of M1s advancing into Baghdad. The gunner engages priority targets while both the loader and TC fire their machineguns and handguns at secondary targets. The loader and TC should be able to engage a nearby enemy AT team even when the gunner is busy engaging a BMP at distance.
  14. So too can the T-90. The NSVT is stabilized and is slaved to its own FCS.
  15. The rule of thumb taught to us was the loader is up if the TC is up, and buttons up when the TC buttons up. I'm not sure if that's the American procedure too, but I would think so. At least it would make more sense game-wise. The unbuttoned loading sequence should be automatic for all vehicles when there are no threats in sight. If there are, then the vehicle shouldn't auto-open up no matter what, be it Stryker or Abrams. The key here is to have same behaviour logic to all vehicles.
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