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How many of you know this?

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I watched a Tank programme a couple of nights ago which mentioned the following for all those interested, amongst other interesting things also:-

The Tank was invented by the British in 1916 to help overcome the German artillery and MGs on the Western Front. The Holt (not sure about the spelling) Catterpillar Tractor gave the British the inspiration they needed to design a machine to carry Guns with a bullet proof engine and catterpillar tracks.

This machine could easily bridge trenches and crush any type of barbed wire in its path, and the macine was so

secret that production workers were told that they were constructing water carriers - hence they were called Tanks.

This Tank had a crew of eight and the men were often overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning, as well as having to wear chain mail visors for protection against armor flaking etc.

However in 1917 four hundred Tanks took the Germans by complete surprise when they broke through the previously inpenetrable barbed wire along the Hindenberg line. These Tanks managed to advance five miles in six hours and played a major role in the capture of four thousand German soldiers.

The Germans were quick to respond and built their own version of a Tank, but it had a crew of eighteen (unbelievable), was too big, slow and cumbersome and was easy prey for the Allies.

Moving on to the present the programme mentioned a couple of future Tank designs beginning with what could be the replacement for the M1 Tank. Known as the Future Combat System and having a much lower profile and only a two man crew situated in the hull for better protection. This obviously means that overall view would be restricted and so the Tank commander has an onboard computer giving a 3D three hundred & sixty degree field of view. The Tank will weigh fourty tons enabling it to be transported by plane rather than boat for quicker deployment, and the design, especially the main gun (squarish and flat-like), for want of a better term, seems to be geared toward stealth.

And finally onto the Plastic Tank which is undergoing a number of tests still, but its armor seems to have incredible strentgh. Not only is it well protected it's also pretty light in weight and could be parachuted from a plane if required - well that's about all was mentioned on this Tank, but the future place of the Tank on the Battlefield is assured seemingly in case anyone had any doubts.

Roll on the Stealth and Plastic Tanks for CMX3/CMX4!!!

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Well, I wasn't all that familiar with the recent stuff, but even a gibbering non-Grog such as myself was more than aware of the opening history lesson.

I enjoy your excitement about all this, though, Skellen, and I'm not being sardonic. Amazing stuff, to be sure.

Now, be a good lad and run out and watch the sunset. The glories of nature are almost as exciting as man's own achievements in the pursuit of killing of his fellows....

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Originally posted by Seanachai:

Now, be a good lad and run out and watch the sunset. The glories of nature are almost as exciting as man's own achievements in the pursuit of killing of his fellows....

Don't remind the Grogs that there is a world of Grand design out there, as it may just remind them that there is a better designer/creator than that of the world they exist in Artificially...smell those roses and see the sunlight people.

Sorry I'm getting excited again, but I'm looking forward to the Sun rise in a few hours from now.

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the German one was the A7V, and I think there's an account somewhere of one of them meeting some (or a) Brit tank in action.

Only a handful of A7V's were made, but the Germans did make the first anti-tank rifle - a 13mm Mauser monster


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