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  1. I'm using Windows 7 currently and wondered if any other problems are known in blitzkrieg, as the D-Day demo seems like good fun apart from the error. Is D-Day available in later games also?
  2. I've just experienced an error with the Blitzkrieg demo which may or may not be a problem with the full version:- [09/30/2014 4:04:45; 6.1.7601; 1366x768x32(1); v1.09 Demo] FAILED(draw_sprite_on_map_surface): Segmentation violation This happened while playing as the AXIS on the D-Day game while clicking on the mini map or also on the war map. Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions.
  3. Yes we all know what happened to the Soviets and there methods in Afghanistan, or perhaps you don't? Yes the CIA supported the Muhajadeen during the 80's in the fight against communism and one Osama Bin Laden in the process, what goes around comes around. Now they are known as the Taliban and using weapons/tactics obtained and learned from us. What else is new? History repeats itself as far as Afghanistan is concerned and man never seems to learn from it, hence the wars in the world today. Anyway this thread has gone off topic once again so please leave it there as I won't be saying any
  4. I don't know about any future scenario in Syria happening/not happening but I'm pretty sure any drop of nuclear radiation within Germany or the EU would most likely result in the west Nukeing Syria. Saddam Hussein refrained from using chemical weapons on the west during the invasion of Iraq due to this very reason, and who can blame him.
  5. The initial Iraq operation was a success but admittedly the powers that be never thought through the aftermath of the situation. Afghanistan is and always has been a difficult country for any nation that dared to invade, occupy, attack, etc, and yes once again mistakes have been made here, but also a lot of progress has been made in helping women getting the education they would otherwise be denied under the Taliban. Also more towns and villages are once again trading but this wasn't the case previously, so yes the British and Americans have made a difference. Let's not forget that the sold
  6. According to Sky News today and one Naval officer we can (the UK) barely afford the Libyan involvement and it could easily amount to a Billion pounds within the next few months. If a decision is ever made with regard to Syria and NATO, then of course let those countries who are part of NATO and not pulling there weight do there part for a change, the UK, US, France can not, and should not be required to do the work of other NATO members. I also think the UK and US in particular have become a victim of our own success over the years and taken for granted by politicians and other NATO members
  7. But then the brain in the jar will be revealed to all, the competition towards BFC will be rampant and no more games to look forward to from our beloved developer -AS IF!!!
  8. I want my anti tank weapon "PIAT" please and the ability to fire from buildings will be welcome, if not shame on you BFC. I'm reallly looking forward to getting my hands on CMBN and future modules (BRITS), thanks for all your work on this BFC.
  9. Also remember that Gaddaffi's forces have swapped their Amour vehicles in some cases and are now driving around in cars, pickups etc similar to the rebels in an obvious attempt at fooling or making life harder for NATO aircraft.
  10. Enjoyed the AAR guys, congrats Bill. The German tank crews with headphones looked a little comical I must say, anyone would think they were being used to help silence the deafening sound of their lugers. Tank tread marks (although I know it's not a necessity) but not one in sight, is this a planned feature in time? Otherwise the game is looking fantastic, well done to all at BFC.:cool:
  11. Recently I have been playing RUSE on PS3 as I don't have a PC as yet, still got my old trusty Mac. I only wish BFC were able to make an offering on console one day, of course it won't happen but who knows. RUSE is a fun game but not to be taken as seriously as CM of course, and it also has a number of things I don't like but it's a welcome game indeed on PS3. I look forward to more games similar to it in future hopefully and perhaps with more options and features.
  12. I haven't read all of this thread and so this may or may not have been mentioned, but let's not forget the general fear the average German soldier had also. No, not for the Americans, British etc, but for the Red Army. This factor alone may greatly contributed to the Germans determined and desperate attempt in the Normandy campaign to see off the western allies (so to speak) and then go all out against the impending Russian juggernaut in defense of the Fatherland. I just feel a lot of talk is on the western allies, let's not forget Russia who really enabled the Normandy campaign in my mind.
  13. Savour the new intro music, press start game, select the earliest scenario, absorb the scenario briefing, wait in anticipation for the start of a new era of CM greatness...can it be anything less?
  14. If BFC ever do decide to allow the option of picking up Panzerfausts in CMBN I would like to see there be a risk associated with the action i.e. Booby Trap of some kind, but it could also be random, or not as the case may be. So all those people thinking they would be able to pick up every enemy weapon will need to think again or suffer the consequences.
  15. I was thinking the very same thing just last night while looking at the new campaign screenshots. However if nothing else those fingers could always be used to clean the barrels on their weapons, or something else for that matter. Have faith in BFC I'm sure they will change this later on in the series or CMX3?.
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