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Hard to find opponents.


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I'm having a hard time finding opponents lately for this game.

Where does everyone go? I tried the proving grounds chat and its deserted...What ever happened to the old combatmission.com chat? If anyone's interested, I'm up for a game right now TCP/IP

Not really any big preferences as long as I get to choose my own stuff.

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do i have to join the club to invite people to play?

They make it too hard to join. I dont want to wait a week for a response from someone willing to sponser me, then find out whether he has the time to play a TCP/IP. I just dont have the time. I just wanna play the frickin game.

Its set up liek a first person game club or something. I havnt had that many games with lamers who quit or whatever but this puts you on a 3 month probationary period like its some kind of real time clan. Whats so hard about playing combat mission? You cant even post in the forum until you play a game....most first person shooter clans will at least give you somewhere you can post. I think they just dont want anymore members.

And how come nobody hangs around the CM chat anymore?

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all i did was post in these forums, i am playing 6 opponents right now. Go to the top of the forums here and scroll down to opponent finder forums. and post in the forum for the language you speak. I am playing against people from all over the world, so language is not a barrier when you are handing out or receiving an ass whoopin'

you can also just email the person that is looking for a game. There are many there right now. Many folks play multiple games at once, so even if you see that someone else has already responded to a post, I wouldn't sweat it. Go ahead and ask them, sometimes people flake out on them or are slow to email thier turns.

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Band of Brothers has the sponsor system to weed out the type of people who drop games when they are losing, or disappear for a few days without mentioning that there will be no returned moves.

Everyone in the club has a vested interest in getting in people who have got stickability because we do not want to be responsible for introducing anyone who is going to stitch up a fellow member 6 weeks into a game.

Works reasonably well if not 100%. So more of a friendly club than a ladder club with people giving up real personal details to establish their bona fides.

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or disappear for a few days without mentioning that there will be no returned moves.
Dont always have a choice you know tongue.gif

You could also try the World at War site:


Ive got about 9-10 games going, thats due to replaying pervious opponents, playtesting via TPG, getting opponents for battles from the FraG/WAW and from the opponent section of the TPG.

Not to mention Onion War games too.

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