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  1. i am pretty sure i gave the ok via an email request a few months/weeks ago. so just in case...it OK. Most of mine are rescued mods by others anyway or patches to other's mods
  2. I just loaded a PBEM game on CMBB and whammo. i get this below I have been playing for over a year with no problems and no major changes between cards or any system at all. Just appeared today right after loading a CMAK PBEM file just fine I have installed all the text fixes, minimized maximized, restarted, erased preferences now gonna try a restart but i doubt that'll do dang thing. Any ideas?
  3. if you go to cmmods website and look under my name i DLed, took screen shots and compiled all the info i could find on bmps and modding int a very thorough "modder's pack" last year. Also, i asked a ton of questions in here about it, so searching my name for threads will find some of the comments that were enlightening to me so folks are not re-writing (as they did for me) long and hard to get across at times descriptions of modeling bmps and how the whole shibang goes together I was trying to goto cmmods tonight to see what new mods go uploaded in the last 2 months and i couldn't connect so the sight may de hiccuping a bit...hopefully not down
  4. hmmm I think if I ordered an Iphone from this guy, Combat Mission Campaigns would be ready before the phone arrived.
  5. Thanks, I updated the file. I reorganized all the info into folders and added a readme file with better explanations and your clarification on those files. thanks again
  6. the issue i found with cmbo mods with any other cm game is the resolution is lower, the file is smaller so you end up with some funky units sometimes using cmbo mods will work in some cases, Hard to tell straight off because many of those mods were written before the release of CMBB & CMAK so you don't get any warnings in the documentation. The best way to check is to look at the BMP number of the file and go into you CMAK or CMBB bmp folder and compare the images and file size. Sometimes they don't match at all. I uploaded a pretty good resource for locating BMP numbers and modding. It is a collection of other people's work from around the community. It is under my name at cmmods Goto cmmods.com click CMAK or CMBB mods click by designer click Cabe click all click mod set there will be a file link for a bmp database. It is really useful if you need a list to mod your games with. I used them as a checklist to mod every unit in the game. I would check off each unit when I got a new mod, then I would also check off getting a snow/winter mod. I would open the databases an turn the color of the bmp base number text to green if I modded the unit and if there were 2 sets of numbers for each unit such as German grau and gelb units I would change the bmp number on the chart green for each one then if I got a snow mod I would turn the name of the unit green to indicate the unit was fully modded I know that might sound confusing, but it isn't important you understand how I kept records, just develop a system of your own to keep track or print them out to check off.
  7. as has been the eternal problem with cm, when buying units you cannot get a full list of a units stats on the screen to aid you in your decision making, I had a site I used with great admiration the CMAKbd or CMAK database (URL was http://cmak.jemian.com/) and the CMBBdb (URL was http://cmbb.jemian.com/), but both are down now. I don't know why as they were both growing and extremely useful and well made. Now I have no database to look to when purchasing units before a battle, so where is an online or printable list. I can refer to now?I know of the excel lists at Chris's CM database, those are great but don't lst blast rating for all untis (kinda important when choosing) I need a complete stat list, please let me kno if it exists in any form. Also as an aside, can anyone find out where the pages went and rescue the web pages/info ? These sites are sorely missed by me and others I am sure
  8. if you look at the mod info page in the RM listing a cmmods it has full list of all the mods that go with those gridded terrain files to fill out the grass, rocks, marsh, ect. Complete list of CMAK Mods in this series - RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Grass RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Open RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Snow RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Lgt Snow RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Arid RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Sand RM Topo Grid Terrain RM Topo Grid Terrain Snow RM Topo Grid Terrain Desert RM Topo Grid Desert Doodads RM Topo Grid Roads
  9. i think those are considered "doodads" and are separate from the mod, you need to install a desert or arid "doodads" mod from cmmods I just checked my file of same gridded sand, it does not include the rocky terrain or "rough" you need to DL a mod of your choice from cmmods. in your BMP folder look at # 2130.bmp and 2131.bmp those are the rough graphics or "mod" that your game is currently using goto http://www.cmmods.com and log in goto cmak mods section and search for "rough" and you will see a file called RM topo grid desert doodads, DL it then extract it into your BMP folder, unless you use a program to install your mods like MCMM
  10. search this CMAK forum for post "High Contrast Gridded Terrain Mods" i brought this issue up on page 2 of that thread i just bumped the thread for you
  11. I got mine to go away, i tried turning off messenger. no good. Then checked for viruses that might mimic messenger, got rid of some spyware, but no good still. So I installed newest directX and no go, but then I restarted PC and it went away. so I have no idea.
  12. Now I have got the problem out of the blue the past 2 days. I have been playing daily since las February, and now suddenly CMAK jumps to 60, I am not running a dell and I have not installed anything new. Does this on 2 PBEM games What was the solution?
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