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The Official Get off BFC's back Thread

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Greetings friends and sticklers!

Let me remind us all that CMAK was perfectly playable and fun right out of the envelope.

Sure we all like patches but have some of us forgot that BFC will be working diligently on perfecting CMAK whether people hop aboard the complain train or not?

Patience friends!

All will be well.

In closing I would like to thank the good folks at BFC who created the games we all enjoy so much to play.

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I don't think I can agree.

They had us wait many many months for supposedly testing, only to release a patch that doesn't do PBEM at all, and possibly not TCP (see tech support forum).

And only a single game mechanics/realism issue has been addressed (firing slit of pillboxes), the rest is all unit data and TO&E.

It really seems to me most of the Beta testers are there mostly to help with research, not with actual technical testing.

And keep in mind CMBB was left in a stage where nobody was counting vitory points even once in a defense scenario.

As impressive as the initial releases are, the patches have a tendency to go downhill.

[ November 18, 2004, 11:19 AM: Message edited by: Redwolf ]

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Originally posted by Michael Dorosh:

Can someone start an Official Take Your Lips Off of Madmatt's Buttcrack Thread?

Mr.Dorosh is it possible for you to just disagree with someone whilst stating as to why like the classy Redwolf has done?

Redwolf disagrees but he clearly is not a troll, perhaps it would be to your benefit to take a page out of his book friend!

Redwolf; I respect your opinion but was the 1.01 version of CMAK so bad? What I am getting at here is that the 1.01 version of CMAK was and is fun as heck! It's not like BFC is going to say the heck with it and not make improvements to their already five star game, but why not enjoy what we have rather than grumble about things that we don't?

No offense to anyone but a few members here seem to come off as children whining that they can't open their Christmas presents in November.

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Point taken about the 1.01 patch, it is pretty good.

But you see some of the game mechanics problems have been reported way before 1.01.

Then we were told they didn't include them in 1.01 and we'd have to wait for 1.02. People then went on spending lots of time in the "Official bug reports" thread to further identify what is wrong.

And now that 1.02 is out there are no game mechanics fixes in there at all (except the pillboxes which is fairly minor).

[ November 18, 2004, 11:23 AM: Message edited by: Redwolf ]

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You are certainly free to express your opinion and we are sorry that the public 1.02 patch managed to have the PBEM bug (which will be fixed shortly).

It is never easy to decide what will or won't get addressed with any patch. Some of the issues (like the unit bases from top down views) are annoying but due to various changes in the code, are not resolvable. Others are deemed as non-essential. Then there are issues which people bring up that for various reasons which we do not see as bugs or as needing to be tweaked.

In the end, the contents of a patch is at our discretion and while we can't make everyone happy all of the time, we try to do what makes sense from our perspective. A perspective I hasten to add, which has kept us at the forefront of our industry where developer after developer has either closed up shop or trimmed down their product catalogs to a large degree.

CMAK was and is at the very extreme of what the CM engine can do, and this is just another poignant example of why we must now concentrate on the second generation CM game engine.

So, anyway, the new (1.03 patch) will be out shortly, it fixes the PBEM issue and of course includes all the content of the 1.02 patch which offered a host of changes and additions to the game. Maybe not the changes you wanted, hoped or prayed for, but they are the items we wanted to fix, change or add.


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