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High Contrast Gridded Terrain Mods

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Originally posted by Cabe:

I had it occur in crete on high terrain, don't know if that counts as desert?

There are four types of terrain in CAMK

1) Arid

2) Sand

3) Open

4) Grass

All North African terrain is Arid.

Desert Terrain can be either Arid or Sand.

All Crete terrain is Open.

Italian terrain prior to sometime in 1944 if I remember correctly is Open, after that it is Grass.

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Originally posted by Cabe:


good to know. Now maybe I can fix the problem so I can use your mod again. I miss having the angles shown to me without having to get down low like I am shooting a pool ball to see my LOS.

Excellent description. That is exactly why I created the mod in the first place.
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I was having the turquoise problem at the highest elevations (Italy) with my somewhat ancient ATI card even if I renumbered the open ground tiles. My current solution was to blend Gurra’s/Magua’s grass with RM’s/GAJ’s tiles. The lines are a bit subtler but I get no turquoise bits at any elevation now.

{See pics in post further down}

[ May 08, 2007, 01:47 AM: Message edited by: _UXcva ]

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I pasted the Magua tiles over yours and experimented with the blend modes and opacity to bring your grid through the top layer in Photoshop because I didn’t have the foggiest how to make a proper grid. If you could send me your grid template that would be much appreciated. smile.gif

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Thanks again for the templates RM. Here are my latest creations; the Gurra/Magua/GaJ/RM/_UX combo {turquoise free} pack for Italy: e.g. July'43, March'44, Dec.'44:



If anyone is interested in trying these out I'll post them at Mod Central.

[ May 05, 2007, 02:50 AM: Message edited by: _UXcva ]

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Doing a comparison to the GaJ/RM mod, my 1550 .bmp is a little darker then the GaJ/RM mod. My 1570 is a little lighter. On the other hand the higher elevations look a little more natural with my mod in my opinion. I always play with bases turned on.

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I am confused as to why I am not getting rocky showing with Rocketmans grid. I see that Uxcva's photos do seem to have rocky areas. Anybody tell me what is going on please?

Simply - as befits my complete novice status. I am guessing that rocky is an overlay that gets plonked on selected grass/arid tiles.

[ January 15, 2008, 06:13 AM: Message edited by: dieseltaylor ]

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i think those are considered "doodads" and are separate from the mod, you need to install a desert or arid "doodads" mod from cmmods

I just checked my file of same gridded sand, it does not include the rocky terrain or "rough" you need to DL a mod of your choice from cmmods.

in your BMP folder look at # 2130.bmp and 2131.bmp

those are the rough graphics or "mod" that your game is currently using

goto http://www.cmmods.com and log in

goto cmak mods section and search for "rough" and you will see a file called RM topo grid desert doodads, DL it then extract it into your BMP folder, unless you use a program to install your mods like MCMM

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if you look at the mod info page in the RM listing a cmmods it has full list of all the mods that go with those gridded terrain files to fill out the grass, rocks, marsh, ect.

Complete list of CMAK Mods in this series -

RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Grass

RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Open

RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Snow

RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Lgt Snow

RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Arid

RM-GaJ H/C Topo Grid Sand

RM Topo Grid Terrain

RM Topo Grid Terrain Snow

RM Topo Grid Terrain Desert

RM Topo Grid Desert Doodads

RM Topo Grid Roads

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