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Who has the best mods on CMMods.com

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Originally posted by cool breeze:

Are the good mods just generally better than the way it ships or is it just if you want a change?

Better, and in some cases, a helluva alot better. Start downloading immediately. But i gotta warn you, modding any of the CM games becomes a hobby and an addiction. ;)
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Depending on your bandwidth and how much time you want to spend, think first about what camera angles you use when you play.

If you love watching all the units individually doing their thing (camera 1, 2), start with the uniforms and work up with. Also, grab UD's sky mods (since that is the camera angle where the sky is visible).

Or, if you tend to use 3,4 more, then you need to think more about armour first, perhaps? MikeYD, Limey, Gautrek... just look what units are in the scenario you are playing, then use the CMMODS search to see if those guys (or anyone else) have done one of your units.

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CMMOS and MCMMM are both very good tools for applying mods,and since most of the mods lately are not CMMOS compatible,MCMMM gives you the ability to d/l any mods and try them,compare them,and uninstall back to default bmps if you choose.I'd recommend both if you have time since pretty much all of the CMMOS compatible mods are great and really give you some neat options that you apply as you go.Get those programs first and take the time to add as many mods as time permits,once you got the program and the mods (though time consuming it is)your game will be so much better.

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Originally posted by Snow Leopard:

I encourge you use CMMOS because there are so many different uniform due to seasons effect not just year but season and hot/cold effect. CMMOS will give you able to change uniforms without lost BMPs.

Just to clarify a bit, winter uniforms use different .bmp's than summer uniforms, so CMMOS is not required for that.
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