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  1. Will victory point lost for blew enemy building up?
  2. I had been wonder about use tank/engineer armor with bulldozer blade to raze building down or use tank with siege gun to blew building up. I sometime do that in WWII game with Stumriger with 380mm gun. Yes, I should worry about enemy with anti-armor weapon if I try use bulldozer blade. I hadn't buy CBSF yet as I should let you know. I am still so tempt to buy it as it look much better and more challenge.
  3. I wonder if store can be willing to sell me CMSF in four bundles instead of first one and three bundles?
  4. I didn't know that France created the Delacre Model 1936 which was the world's first Bullpup submachine gun. I tried to find out why not use but lack of data, Can anyone share information with us? Thank you.
  5. Hello Modders, Can anyone create new data to modd the Hotchkiss tanks that used by platoon leaders. the information I found is at link under "Therefore, a BCC had either 34 B1bis tanks or 45 H-39 tanks" at http://enpointe.chez-alice.fr/dcr.html Thank you.
  6. Great reply! how do I add extra men in mission editor? I tried to read and try left click as no luck. I am creating some missions which I can use them for offensive missions. Also, after I see your reply and I googled with word "Groupe de combat rifle platoon" and find good link http://enpointe.chez-alice.fr/di.html as more better data. I read and understand how too late to re-arm with better stuff like replace 1 VB launcher (that made old rifle too fragile to fire it) with 50mm grenade launcher as more other issues. unless if MOD make France to stay in game longer than 1940 then more interest to play it. I did creating a Finland army by use German army with captured Soviet weapons with some weapons edit to armed platoon correct.
  7. Oh well, look like we may can do my add weapon to team leader in mission editor, Am I right?
  8. That's cool but which file is that I can add that black leather jacket France freedom fighters data in? Thank you for read and reply.
  9. I better stop try and let boog2006 update or just prefer wait for TOW2 anyway. I had many ideas to have fun challenge with different army and weapons against new kind of opposite forces. Thank you.
  10. I look it over and this number 3888 already used by other weapon. I think cause by new 1.3.1 add cause change in file. Will number change from 3888 to other number that aren't use yet, will it work? Thank you for read and reply my message.
  11. I hadn't ask that question for long time but I wonder in TOW why France infantry have only 6 men instead of 9 to 11 as two of men armed with only handgun plus only one man carry grenades in Fusilier. I feel like cheat if I edit all men carry all rifles and grenades. Also that smaller France infantry have value point 50 as similar to other bigger and heavy armed infantry. Why?
  12. I am sure I put folders from small arm MOD into TOW correct and I still not see MG in mission builder. Did I made some mistake? I now have 1.3.1 version in that TOW. May you help me. Thank you. Cheer
  13. I wonder what is crew "machinegunner" doing in that ToW's tank PzIVC that don't have bow gun?
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