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Sherman smoke screen

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I was wondering if the Russians ever used the Shermans they got as smoke screen laying tanks. They are one of the few tanks that get smoke shells and I tend to use them more for this purpose than any other. Is this something that would have been done historically? On a related note, why do the Russians have a shortage of these rounds?

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Oooh, Wicky brought up a post from a year and a half ago. I'm all nostalgic.

As my post fom back then said, the Soviets did mount smoke laying devices on their tanks (as opposed to smoke shells), as did the British on their Churchills. But the game engine just doesn't 'do' smoke generators.

I'm also aware that during the big push to Berlin front-wide artillery smoke was used on a massive scale. But like most things in the Soviet Army, a corporal on the ground probably didn't have either ready access or command authority over such stuff.

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