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Origin of Katyuscha?

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I was wondering if anyone knows how the rockets came to be named Katyuschas? I know it's short for the Russian Catherine, sort of like Katie... but how did the rockets get named that.

Just wondering.. I was working on my book and thought this would be great to include.



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I may be mistaken, but I believe the name originated from a song that was popular in Russia at the time.

I have a book at home by a British Journalist who spent the war in Moscow as a correspondent; I believe he mentions this at some point. If I have time, I'll see if I can dig up the reference.



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I believe that what prompted the Katyusha moniker in the first place is that the launchers were built at the Komintern plant and arrived in the field bearing a mysterious "K" marking. The troops, members of what were termed Guards Mortar Regiments, faced with extreme secrecy, had to call the launcher something and ran with it, so effectively that most people have never heard of the BM-13, but lots have heard of the Katyusha.


John Kettler

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